Before the Russian nuclear attack on the United States remains exactly 50 days

nuclearWell, sho, no longer seems utopian? It was, for example, a 1% probability, and if every day is increasing by 1%, then soon all just naobosradtsat, shoby hard to say, sadly or obscenities. Either puylo giknetsya until November or in November, and if not giknetsya and no one fool not prityuknet then ufff. USA most key weeks of the year. It is a pity that so far no one prityuknul, my condolences, condolences, just sad, yes.

Fighting – well, means to fight. This ethnic group is programmed to war, from Kyrgyzstan to me it seems fine. We in Kyrgyzstan, no one doubts that it is necessary to embed completely oborzevshim NATO members. It seems that Kyrgyz do not understand that the war is hurting and hungry. Kyrgyz, Russians, what a difference. This is the same tribe Intense morons.

I think today is more important than mnogochislennnyh astrological predictions – a fundamental story “collapse” of the USSR. So he steers – with the difference that earlier Mikhail Gorbachev because of the country received a piece of freedom as a gift, and now there, now Stalin’s version of hate a la 30th. Then the war ended, in 1939, the test for 9 years. Seyas may be a combination of 1939 and 1991, probably as a farce, skukozhenno symbolically – but somehow the stories repeated. We would be better in 1991 than in 1939, and then live hunting places. 1985-1991 necessarily recur, and the degree of impregnation 1939-1948 need to bathe separately. Still, the most powerful factor – my poor countrymen passionately want to fight with all sorts of weaklings.

I can not believe that my compatriots touched by the mind can not see the obvious even in the Olympics propaganda, believing that begin, finally, get up off his knees. That ladnenko.

Events in November will be exactly, this is not the case when will carry somewhere. I can not calculate the scale of destruction. Straight tight interpretation goes, especially if swimming in Issyk-Kulyah.

People periodically indicates that someone is someone in social networks threatened by putlerovym reasons. And somehow naivnenko, banalnenko. How different from me, pure exotic haute couture – and without any sots.setey. Three days ago out of love for me putleru threatened “with their hands tomorrow on the lake to drown.” Lake Issyk-Kul, cattle hands, Kyrgyz. Who said that, I have not seen a lot of tables in the dining room resort it was. Many breakfast. All epistolary think how to pose, you are described with delight, and immediately emigrated.

The long-awaited nuclear bombing of the United States as an option is quite possible. Orcs are howling with delight, looking forward to the Sabbath. SPLIT, finally, the enemy is the same in Syria Omeriku wets their old idol. I’m not sure that the missiles will fly to America, can fall in Europe, or shot down over Russia. But I warn you. IF PUTIN GOING Weird NATO, and everything just screams and cries out about it, he did it in 50 days. For the man predicted just days before. Driven by man, in general, although bad. In general, non-self, and it brings him bad egregors. Puylo – Tactical performer, operational manager at the vast wilderness zombomassy stirring corpses.

I then push my way in Kyrgyzstan, and to find out how far extends the background egregor durnozdaniya and up to where the cult of the only personal (and fucked) personality. Found. And he drowned in the lake, and I fled to Naryn. Just a fairy tale!

Total: either your dick (theirs, no one’s) puylo does not want to punish Omeriku. Punish the people it craves. Justice demands it – the people. And Che whole osfalte all resources omeriku taken, tsereushniki damned. That’s revenge for resources. One Omerikoy more than one less cocoa difference. All the same, as many as 2 on the globe. Dolbanёt course.

Well, you are the people, well, you give. That is why w PUTIN on Amerike not bombing? So, in 2006, a nuclear terrorist attack carried out in London, and in 2015 suddenly hesitate? If the nuclear missiles will not fly, well then nuclear suitcase pereplyvut Ocean. All you need to 300-400 suitcases. Or you do not count, what will happen after the report on Boeing and mayhem in Syria against the backdrop of a territorial war with Ukraine? How to distract the public, if at all local pohren? A omerikantsam not pohren they dotoshlivye? And sho I repeated? For one day in power puylo will pay a million other people’s lives. Business somehow. Just evaluate the actual level of pripiraniya to the wall. 400 mud nuclear suitcases by major US cities – easily. It is if you do not take off missiles and much priprut. And a reliable suitcases. Or would you say that the forecast does not come true, because suitcases are not missiles?

Andrii Klymenko
As a gift to the birthday of the Fuehrer 4 ships of the Caspian Flotilla attacked 24 cruise missiles “caliber” of the Caspian Sea on the projects in Syria. Fired a new missile ship “Dagestan”, “Grad Sviyazhsk”, “Uglich” and “Great Ustyug” built 2012-14 years. The rockets passed over the territory of Iran and Iraq, about 1,500 kilometers (at a distance of 2600). This type of missile can be fitted with a nuclear warhead. These are already on the Black Sea Fleet. In the coming days we will know if the civilized world understand what it means. In general, before our eyes, from the 30th September, the world has changed radically. And will not return. As long as Putin continues to outperform the developed democracies. Policy bluff on his part is over …

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    I don’t see the objective, balanced point of view on this. Instead, hatred and to be more precise stupidity. Is it some Ukrainian goons rule this site?