Benefit “unacceptable” Remparts

lumiere-rouge-scintille-sept-fois(Quebec) Remparts offered a performance “unacceptable” and “inexplicable” Sunday at the fans who came to Videotron Centre by this beautiful afternoon. Against the worst training of the QMJHL, the cast of Philippe Boucher bowed 7-4. A long hell for the Red Devils …

Qualifiers in quotation marks come from Matthew Boucher, but his coach could not agree more: “Strongly agree,” responded the boss.

One could understand that Philippe Boucher was heard after the first difficult period of his. “I told all sorts of things after the first … There were how many world today? 17,000? I do not think there are many guys who have played before 17,000 people before coming here, and there are not many who will play before 17,000 after leaving. So, play with pride, work hard, have fun and enjoy it, “said Boucher, who wonders if his players do not fall into a comfort zone …” There was a lot more enthusiasm and dynamism in the bleachers on the ice today. ”

For the record, there were officially 17,625 spectators at Videotron Centre. But many empty seats anyway …

All these people may not have been impressed by the show, despite the 11 goals scored. The Remparts had all the misery in the world to perform their zone outputs. Several passes were inaccurate or had escaped by the recipient.

According to Matthew Boucher, local visitors have taken lightly, even if they had beaten the Videotron Centre earlier this season. “We have to find a way to get out before the playoffs, because that is not how we will win games. It takes a better effort, “said Boucher son.

Still ahead 2-0

The Remparts yet taken a 2-0 lead in the first, but it was an illusion. Drakkar had dominated until then and the Red Devils were “lucky”, according to Philippe Boucher. The young goalkeeper Mathieu Paradis was the victim of these two goals, scored by Bronson Beaton and Alexandre Sills. Bo Taylor came to take over the Drakkar.

They then scored four unanswered goals, including two in the third. Evgeny Kiselev then had to give way to Samuel Cardinal.

On the positive news, Matthew Boucher finally released with two goals in the third, his 29th and 30th of the season. Each of these nets reduced the gap to a goal. But each time, the Drakkar responded. Their last two goals were scored into an empty net.

Boucher did not hit the target in the 12 previous meetings. “A little pressure removed from my shoulders,” said he dropped without enthusiasm.

Vincent Deslauriers, Samuel Thibault, Matthieu Desautels, Fabrizio Ricci, Raphael Santerre and Antoine Girard scored for the Drakkar. North Coast training has enjoyed its 11th win of the season in 65 games.

“One does not have to jump up,” responded the coach and general manager Steve Ahern. “Everyone thinks they’ll beat us, it’s going to be an easy game. I think the guys Remparts, older, have left us space on the ice. We worked hard, we’ll take the credit. ”

After the game, the Red Devils have paid for their lack of enthusiasm. The coach made them suffer a punishing workout. “It’s called a cool down. But it will be a little harder than usual, “commented Philippe Boucher.

Turcotte suspended two games

Yanick Turcotte The suspension will last two games. The Disciplinary Prefect of the QMJHL, Raymond Bolduc, made its decision before the game on Sunday. “The key for me is that Yanick participates series,” responded Philippe Boucher, who said he agreed with the judgment. “Yanick is a very important player for us. Especially for the physical aspect in the series. And it has a ripple effect on others. “Friday, Turcotte has dealt a Checking to the head of Alexandre Alain, the Gatineau Olympiques. Absent Sunday, he also will miss the game in Rimouski on Friday.

The “bench” disappointing Boucher

The work of the players inserted in the alignment of the Remparts to replace absent did not like Philippe Boucher, Sunday. “We gave a chance to more players. opportunity we talked … I do not know who seized today, “said head coach during his press conference after the defeat 7-4. Boucher did play its world health against the Drakkar. He had no choice. Yanick Turcotte is suspended, Bryce O’Brien mononucleosis, while Derek Gentile and Michael Robidoux treat minor injuries. Ethan Crossman Dakotah Woods, Alexandre Drapeau and Colby Tower have therefore reviewed the action. They had been left on Thursday and Friday.

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