Bernie Sanders made the pleasure last

-bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-lorsThe road to the Democratic nomination for the US presidency takes long and tortuous detours to a favorite Hillary Clinton, who suffered a setback surprise at Bernie Sanders in Michigan Tuesday night.

The Sanders camp was euphoric after this victory the senator from Vermont, where he received 50% of votes against 48% for Hillary Clinton when she was between 13 and 24 points ahead in three polls conducted in early.

Protectionist rhetoric of Mr. Sanders was a hit in the Great Lakes region hit by de-industrialization, and where the auto industry owes its survival to a massive bailout.

Hillary Clinton was nice attempt to convince Democrats that Bernie Sanders had voted against the aid package, the Democratic Socialist senator repeated tirelessly that former Secretary of State had argued in his career all major agreements freely exchange, with hundreds of thousands of destroyed or relocated jobs, he said. However, last fall, in the countryside, it has taken a position against the recent TPP signed by Barack Obama.

The strategy is simple: if Bernie Sanders can win in Michigan, he can repeat the performance in similar or neighboring states like Ohio, Illinois and Missouri, three rich states delegates who will vote next Tuesday, when it which is considered a second “super Tuesday.”

“She has trouble outside the South, and there are almost more southern states” the timetable, said Jeff Weaver, campaign manager for Mr. Sanders CNN on Wednesday.

Advance “insurmountable”

But the Clinton camp, calculator in hand shower this enthusiasm by recalling that the nomination is won by amassing delegates, not symbolic success. But former Secretary of State increased its lead in delegates Tuesday thanks to a landslide victory in Mississippi. Democratic delegates are allocated by proportional representation. She also won all the South with margins of over 70%, thanks to strong support from the black community.

“Successes like Michigan last night will not be enough to Senator Sanders to win the nomination,” said during a conference call Robby Mook, campaign manager for Hillary Clinton. “Not only must win those states, but it should do so with exceptional margins to hope to catch us.”

“Therefore we believe that we are approaching the point where our lead in terms of delegates will be insurmountable,” said Robby Mook.

Wednesday morning, after consultations won 13 of 22, Hillary Clinton had 1,238 delegates (including 472 superdelegates not bound by primary) against 572 for Bernie Sanders. It takes 2,382 to win the nomination.

Trump unsinkable

On the Republican side, Donald Trump was reinforced his status as favorite Republican primary after a triple victory on Tuesday (Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii), which has the effect of a slap to the anti-Trump camp and restored a pulse the businessman when his rivals assured, a little faster, that his campaign was moribund.

He now has his eyes on Florida and Ohio next Tuesday that could spell the end of the ambitions of his rivals disoriented. In both cases, the winner raflera all delegates block.

Marco Rubio, Florida senator, and John Kasich, Ohio Governor, maturity looks like a cleaver. If they fail to win in their respective strongholds, it will be for sure the end of the adventure.

The Seven Days Battles ahead promises fierce. Anti-Trump have already started to flood radio and television commercials reminding ideological shifts and the past not always immaculate from the businessman.

“That does not worry me. Florida is my second home, “assured the billionaire Wednesday on CNN’s airwaves.

According to a Quinnipiac poll, it would crush Rubio in Florida (45% against 22%). In Ohio, he beats John Kasich, but with a smaller margin (38% to 32%).

With 15 wins out of 24 consultations, he accumulated 461 delegates against 360 for his most threatening rival, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. On the Republican side victory threshold is 1237.

Messaging: Clinton certain not to be charged

The Democratic candidate for the White House Hillary Clinton dismissed on Thursday during a debate, the prospect of an indictment in the case of his private messaging, she used when she was Secretary of State ( 2009-2013) in lieu of an official record. The moderator of the debate, broadcast on CNN and Univision, asked early in the debate to Mrs. Clinton if she would withdraw from the presidential race if it was charged. “Oh, my God, it will not happen, I do not even answer that question,” she replied curtly.

The revelation, in March 2015, Hillary Clinton used a personal account instead of a government address has raised questions about the completeness of its official archives and the security of its communications, as federal authorities did not protect the server, managed directly by Clinton. The former first lady apologized in September, after months of controversy, saying that having a unique address was more practical, but maintains that none of the messages that have passed through his box was marked confidential or secret at the time, and has not broken the law.

Despite the investigation that was opened by the FBI, his rival Bernie Sanders chose from the beginning of the campaign not to use the controversy against his opponent, saying stick to the daily problems of Americans.

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