Bet.e & Stef at the Jazz and Blues Festival: reunion airs

bete-and-stef-monteReunion between friends who have not seen for too long. That pace has taken the encounter between the public and the Hotel Chicoutimi Bet.e & Stef in the Jazz and Blues Festival Saguenay on Thursday night. An appointment where fun also appeared in this one than the other.

“We are delighted to be back here,” commented Bet.e outset, displaying a smile that confirmed his statements.

Stupid. and Stef came to present his new parts, available on the album Seeds released in May. The spectators were expecting back the duo that features a mix of jazz, bossa nova and world music. He also met Jay Atwill, Australian guitarist and producer working with them since their reunion after a long separation of ten years. During the show, we could talk about Bet.e & Stef … and Jay, who had the opportunity to present its own material, musically and vocally supported by his accomplices.

Together, they offered a coin mix from the last album, but also songs that are found on their previous records.

The show was sold out. Yet few seats remained vacant. The attentive audience, but wise, let himself be lulled by the soft, enveloping voice Bet.e. The vocal harmonies offered by the three musicians also resonated with the public, especially on Ray.

The title track from the latest album, Seeds, resulted in one of the good moments of the evening. Bet.ea told that after taking the decision to plant a garden in a poor neighborhood, she has seen the positive effects multiply, then offered the part, gently supported by a gesture which gave the impression of being told a history.

Better and Stuck and Fly, also listed on the last album, also received a warm welcome, as I’m Here, play about the Aboriginal spirit within us, whose words were sung by Stef.

Day by Day, part-title of the album released in 2002 was also offered to the public.

Stef took the opportunity to announce that the duo is working on an album in French. An announcement that brought joy to the audience.

Bet.ea also appealed to the public, inviting him to continue to obtain the works of artists, to bring them into their home and to attend the shows. “It allows us to do other albums. It makes us live, “she said, particularly referring to the” streaming “.

Thursday night, it is clear that Bet.e & Stef was happy to see so many people have moved.

The duo wanted to please the crowd, including his choice of songs.

“If one is missing at the end, tell us so. We will try to work things out, “promised Bet.e early evening.

cutoff time forces, The Daily had to leave before knowing if indeed, the public would go some special requests.

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