Bicycle paths: prohibition to park from April 1

1166263Regulation changed with regard to the parking lot on the bike paths in Sherbrooke.

The City of Sherbrooke recalls that it is forbidden to park in a cycle lane located on the streets from April 1 to November 15.

Recall that the city council amended the regulation on this issue last February to extend the prohibition period. It was in force before 1 May to 1 November.

This measure is not expected to cause major inconveniences, supports the City. Sections where parking is prohibited on streets are little used.

Key affected streets – in full or on certain sections – by the changes are: Allard, Bachand, Barrette, Bowen South, Cabana, Delorme, Dufferin, the Esplanade, the Cooler, Léger, Leonard, Prospect, Queen -Victoria, Raby, Robitaille, Holy Spirit, St. Francis North.

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