Bilingualism: missing Trudeau Munk debate?

justin-trudeau-engage-debattre-politiqueThe Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) threatens to withdraw from the Munk Debate on Foreign Policy under the end if it does not take place in both official languages ​​and is not open for free to all citizens. President Munk Debates, however, maintains that the PLC was well aware that the debate would not be fully bilingual.

“We have in principle accepted your invitation because us to assume that the debate would take place in both official languages, but it turns out that this is not the case,” it said in a letter Wednesday to President Munk Debates, Rudyard Griffiths, made public in the evening. Justin Trudeau pledged to discuss foreign policy September 28 Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper.

The PLC denounces the fact that only citizens’ handpicked can attend the Munk debate and admission fees will be levied “and requires that the debate is open to all. “This is very serious concerns,” it is said in the letter.

The leader of the Munk Debates Rudyard Griffiths denies having misled the Liberal Party. “In all our public and private discussions with leaders of the three parties invited to the discussion, we indicated that there would be” bilingual elements. ” The draft discussion format that we proposed to the parties last week included segments in both official languages. At no moment we have stated that the debate would be bilingual, “Mr. Griffiths said in La Presse by email.

Munk Debates also refutes the accusations of the PLC on the elitist nature of the debate. “Munk Debates has 30,000 paying members and not paid. We have made available the tickets for our paying members today. Any remaining tickets will be offered to our non-paying members Friday. The cost of organizing a debate is considerably higher than the income generated by ticket sales, “stated Mr. Griffiths

The Conservative Party reiterated evening the chef Stephen Harper would be present in the debate. “We accepted the Munk debate, we agreed a bilingual debate, we are not posing conditions. We will attend the debate, “said email spokeswoman Catherine Loubier party.

It was not possible to get comments from the PLC in the late evening.

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