Bill Cosby: three new accusers out of the shadows

pamela-abeyta-sharon-van-ertThree new women including a former Miss accused, in tears, the former TV star Bill Cosby assault or sexual touching Wednesday, joining fifty other accusers.

The former “Mrs. America” ​​beauty pageant for married women, Lisa Christie says the actor of 78 years has drawn a hotel room in Chicago in 1989 under the pretext of making him audition for a movie and Bill Cosby tried to kiss her.

The creator of the popular TV series The Cosby Show, which has long been an ideal father image in the world, he would have said ‘you’ll never succeed in this industry at least to sleep with me, “said Lisa Christie during a press conference at the office of his lawyer, Gloria Allred.

“I told him:” Shame on you, you who play as the father figure in America […] your children are older than me “,” continued Ms. Christie.

Pamela Abeyta has in turn told Cosby had met in 1979 in Las Vegas when she was 25 to discuss the possibility to appear in Playboy magazine.

Cosby took her to a dinner show. “I remember eating and having seen most of the show but shortly before his end everything became blurred. I think someone had put something in my drink. ”

“When I woke up I was naked in the Cosby chamber along with two other women also naked,” she said, adding remaining silent all this time by guilt and shame.

The third accuser, Sharon Van Ert, Cosby said he met in 1976 when she worked as a waitress in a jazz club in Redondo Beach, near Los Angeles and had offered to escort her to her car.

She remembers Cosby starting to touch. “I woke up alone in my car, my head falling only. I realized that I had been drugged, “she recounted, adding that she got home, she had not found her panties.

Fifty women have similarly stated publicly that Bill Cosby had drugged, had fondled or had raped.

The fallen TV star, whose career has been largely halted and lost almost all her helpers with the scandal, has always denied the charges.

Very few prosecutions have been initiated due to the prescription of the facts, which date back to the 1960s.

Bill Cosby will, however, testify before the Los Angeles Supreme Court 9 October as part of one of the few complaints filed by Judy Huth.

She accuses him of having forced non-consensual sexual acts when she was 15 years in the famous “Playboy Mansion” Hugh Heffner, a friend of Cosby in 1974.

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