Bill Gates still richest

cofondateur-microsoft-bill-gates-arriveBill Gates is still, by far the richest man in the United States, with $ 76 billion of personal wealth, according to the ranking published Tuesday on the website of Forbes magazine, reflecting the rise of the billionaires Internet.

Microsoft cofounder tops for the 22nd consecutive year. In 1993 he succeeded investor Warren Buffett, who arrives this year, once again in second place, with 62 billion dollars.

Even more than in recent years, the top rankings is divided between regulars, often at the head of industrial empires, and young entrepreneurs enriched thanks to the internet explosion.

Buffett, Charles and David Koch brothers ($ 41 billion each, respectively 5th and 6th), and Walton, giant heirs of Wal-Mart, or Mars, linked to the powerful food group of the same name, are asset examples to the old.

They are now joined by the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos (47 billion US, 4th), with that of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (40.3 billion US, 7) or those of Google, Larry Page (10th, 33.3 billion US) and Sergey Brin (11th, 32.6 billion US).

All these great fortunes are linked to one or more companies, their assets significantly fluctuates with the stock price, most of these companies are listed (with the exception of Koch Industries and Mars).

The rise to power of the internet and explains that Jeff Bezos has seen his wealth jump by more than half (54%) in just one year, and Mark Zuckerberg of 18%.

Much of this heritage remains in the form of securities. In the case of Jeff Bezos, at current prices, the value of its stake is about $ 41.8 billion, the balance, about 5.2 billion, have been monetized.

Between the two worlds of industry and the Internet, slip the founder of the software company Oracle, Larry Ellison (47.5 billion US, 3rd), former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (38.6 billion US, 8th), or casino magnate Sheldon Adelson (22.3 billion US, 15th).

Confirming a recent trend, the ultra-wealthy population continues to grow. We had, this year, at least $ 1.7 billion of personal wealth to enter the Forbes 400 list, while 1.55 billion was sufficient last year.

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