Bloody Notre Dame Hospital: start of the trial of Idelson Warrior

avocat-idelson-guerrier-francois-berichonThe trial of the man accused of killing two patients in the Notre-Dame hospital and attempting to kill two others in June 2012, will start this week at the courthouse in Montreal.

Idelson Guerrier, now aged 35, was himself a patient of establishing the Hospital of the University of Montreal (CHUM) at the material time, in June 2012. The alleged victims, Gaétan Senecal, 69, and Claude Courtemanche, 77, died on 16 and 21 June respectively, while they were hospitalized at the CHUM.

The two other alleged victims are women, and they survived. Eytyxia Tsidanoulis allegedly attacked on June 16, while the incident occurred Iolanda Bertocchi June 22

Mr. Guerrier will be judged in two charges of premeditated murder and two of attempted murder. An order banning publication keeps us at the moment to give further details.

The jury selection will take place tomorrow, and the trial itself is to begin Thursday.

The trial chaired by Hélène Di Salvo judge should take two to three months.

Ms. Geneviуve Dagenais represents the Crown, while Mr. François Bуrichon defends the accused.

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