Blue collar workers: overtime … at all hours

cols-bleus-ville-quebec-peuvent(Quebec) For blue collar Quebec City, there is no time for overtime. Around 5 am Wednesday, a team of employees manuals installed on the Rochette Street in Sainte-Foy a traffic sign, and waking the whole neighborhood.

Bris major aqueduct? Deficient traffic light? Was there an emergency? No, blue collar workers posed a signpost shared between cyclists and motorists Street, while the cycle track is provided in this area for a long time.

They are residents of the street, who preferred to remain anonymous, who have notified the Sun their rude awakening from the previous day. Some even left their house to go see why they were roused from their sleep so early. The reason has not convinced them.

The start time of the operation differs according to testimony: for some, it was 4:45, for others, 5:30. This is the latest version that the City of Québec confirms. “They went to the garage to pick up their equipment from 5 am and time to visit the site, it is estimated that it was 5:30,” the spokesman David O’Brien.

He explained that the overtime claim was accepted because there was a backlog for this work because of other emergencies that mobilized troops. “The decision was made to bring them into a little earlier,” he said, adding that there was indeed signaling to ask in the sector.

“The City in the future will ensure that residential break signaling is done in a more conventional range of hours, so from 7am,” promised the spokesman.

Last year, the City of Québec paid nearly $ 4.3 million for overtime of its blue collar, an amount equivalent to that of before the strike of 2012, which allowed him to save $ 1 million. The administration had welcomed the beneficial impact of the labor dispute because she was forced to review its practices. The savings were short-lived as overtime blue collar rebounded sharply since, a situation that the Municipality has attributed to exceptional major events.

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