BMW 2 Series: she no longer fears the winter

bmw-220i-coupe-fait-forteDespite its sophisticated driving aids, the first generation Series 2 felt it hard to face the winter. Admittedly it then had only its rear wheels (drive) for the move. Seeking to broaden its audience, BMW had the good idea during the redesign of this model, to graft it an AWD.

Still too few consumers know. This is a pity that this cut is probably the one that sticks out the most happened today leitmotif of the brand: the ultimate machine for rolling (the ultimate driving machine.)

Taking advantage of a longer wheelbase and increased modularity (the seat of the files are divided into three sections: 40-20-40) Series 2 is more pleasant to live every day. Never mind, squares remain narrow and it is still not easy to access or to extract.

The best seats in the Series 2 are thus in the front. There, we find the most comfortable seats in a setting that will not disappoint at all the lovers of the Bavarian brand.

The dashboard is slightly tilted towards the driver, the iDrive knob is positioned on the center console coupled with a flat screen with touchpad for entering – faster – characters for the navigation system. Nothing annoying, but nothing exciting either.

In the corners, cut impressed. The masses are divided evenly between the axles, and steering return very sharp feelings, free from pests lifts. Without having yet reached the precision of hydraulic system it used before, BMW nevertheless progressed in his understanding of electric assistance, although the direction of the Series 2 offers a felt a bit artificial.

Cash movements are controlled, the rear axle deliciously wrapped turns and a myriad of aid to driving, to some extent, of course, erase the errors of assessment.

The device four-wheel drive is astonishing for its speed of execution and the motor is never faulted.

Under the hood, a choice of three engines (four and six cylinders) arranged longitudinally is offered to amateurs. With all-wheel drive (X drive), the full range inherits a very enjoyable eight-speed automatic transmission in much more efficient performance to reduce power consumption at the pump and relieve low autonomy of the vehicle which has been grafted a little fuel tank.

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