Boulevard Pie-IX BRT project not completed by 2022

lorsque-projet-sera-concretise-voiesAnnounced with great fanfare in 2009, the proposed rapid bus service (SRB) on Pie-IX Boulevard will not be completed until 2022. The City of Montreal has once again delay the expected end of work for the implementation of these lanes.

In September 2009, the mayor Gérald Tremblay announced that the Pie-IX Boulevard would be equipped with a lane reserved for buses. At the time, it was anticipated that it would start working in 2013.

Not only the draft SRB Pie-IX is not ready yet, its installation will not be completed before 2022, we learn in the Three-Year Capital published this morning. The document indeed indicates that the project will be on the board from January 2016 to August 2017. The design work should then begin in early 2018 and ended five years later.

These details are in the PTI 2016-2018 presented this morning by Montreal. The document states that the city expects that the project will cost 88 million.

When the project is materialized, bidirectional lanes reserved for public transit to downtown boulevard allow up to 70,000 trips per day. The articulated buses will travel a distance of eight kilometers, between Charleroi Street in Montreal North and avenue Pierre-de-Coubertin. Fifteen stations will be built along the route. The SRB will eventually link the North Station Montreal / Saint-Michel train from East to Pie-XI Montreal subway station.

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