Boxing Day: the biggest shopping day of the year

carrefour-laval-nombreux-clients-attendaientFor balances Boxing Day, in downtown Montreal, most shops only opened 13 h. The queues at popular shops of St. Catherine Street, as Victoria’s Secret and H & M, stretched around the corner.

Onkar Jha waited for about 30 minutes before entering the Apple store, where he spent about $ 1,500 for an iPad, watches and other electronic devices. He claims to have saved about $ 300, and according to him, the wait was worth it.

“It’s too bad it only lasts a day,” he lamented.

In Toronto, Durga Baudel had a plan of attack. Instead of lining up at the Best Buy store in Toronto before it opened at 6 am on Saturday morning, he asked a friend to watch the scene and call it when it would be less crowded.

He ended up buying a printer at 60% discount. His friend, who was watching the line, bought a new TV. And it only took them two hours from start to finish.

“I saved $ 120 (the printer), so I’m happy,” Mr. Baudel said.

The Retail Council of Canada noted that trade balances after Christmas lose appeal in favor of the crazy Friday and Cyber ​​Monday at the end of November. But Best Buy spokesman says December 26th is still the biggest shopping day of the year.

According to Elliott Chun, discounts offered by the chain of Boxing Day electronics stores are a little more interesting than the crazy Friday, although the day’s balances at the end of November is popular for buying gift Christmas.

For two days, however, more and more Canadians are turning to online shopping, preferring websites and mobile applications to the crowds that invade stores storefront.

But there was still a monster Saturday traffic in many commercial centers of the country, including the Eaton Centre in Toronto, which was full of bargain hunters carrying large shopping bags earlier this afternoon.

“I think for many people, it is a tradition to come to the after-Christmas sales. We saw crowds at every store, waiting for the doors open at 6 pm, “Mr. Chun said, adding that about 150 people had lined up before the Best Buy downtown Vancouver and 400 others before that of downtown Toronto.

Meanwhile, in the Atlantic provinces, the atmosphere was exceptionally quiet, the shops are closed on Boxing Day. The balances in the region that began Sunday.

Elsewhere in Canada, police have sometimes been forced to get into the fray.

In Mississauga, Ontario, police arrested two people for an alleged assault in connection with a parking space in the Square One shopping center. One person was slightly injured.

In Port Moody, BC, police launched a few words of wisdom on Twitter: “If you engage in this gladiatorial event known as the post-Christmas sales, do not let your booty in your vehicle. Thieves are also there. ”

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