Boys sequestered in a basement: the police continue their investigation

police 82-85The Quebec police continue its investigation of a Baptist pastor who had abused several young he kept prisoner in his basement for many years, confirmed the service this morning.

The security forces said that police were still hard at work to shed light on abuse of boys entrusted to the leader of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Quebec East.

Investigators “have a lot of documentary evidence to analyze. They must trace the links between the evidence, “said Pierre Poirier, spokesman for the department, adding that” in this case, there are many things to validate “.

“It is too early to say whether there will be an arrest,” also said the spokesman.

Poirier could not confirm or deny the information of the Press under which a police search took place last winter in the house of the pastor.

According to the decisions of the Court of Québec Youth Protection, the religious leader physically beat her pupils punched in the stomach, besides subjecting them to extreme physical exercises and inhuman deprivations.

He kept locked in the basement of a sister of a residential area of ​​Quebec.

The law prevents us from identifying children and the pastor involved.

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