Brad Wall urges oil industry to respond to criticism with facts

premier-ministre-saskatchewan-brad-wallThe Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, urges the oil and gas industry to do a better job of self-promotion, fearing the loss of the battle of public opinion.

He believes that criticism from some celebrities are unrealistic ideas about how quickly the world could abandon fossil fuels.

To the Canadian Association of Energy Pipeline Thursday, Mr. Wall said there was a “minority” has increasingly claiming the end of the oil industry and influencing policy makers.

“Have you noticed that there are not many people who call for the end of fossil fuels in January in Canada?”
Brad Wall
First Department of Saskatchewan
According to him, the biggest disadvantage is that there is a lack of celebrities pressing oil. He gave the example of the other side where personalities speak publicly against the oil resources, including Neil Young and Daryl Hannah.

It was then referred to rock singer and actress who have openly displayed against the tar sands and oil pipelines.

But one thing his camp, he said, are the arguments. He suggested redouble “urgent” effort to present the facts, to be presenters and become “purveyors of the truth.”

Technological advances

According to Wall, the promoters of oil resources should focus on measures that Canada has in place to protect the environment. He stressed the way technological progress in this sector, including carbon capture and storage.

In addition, Brad Wall asked that industry highlights the benefits, safety, oil pipeline oil transportation rather than trains.

He says those who think living in a world without fossil fuels have “magical thinking” to believe that all this can be done quickly and without consequence.

The science surrounding renewable energy progresses, according to Wall, but one can not rely on it exclusively, especially not during peak periods.

“Have you noticed that there are not many people who call for the end of fossil fuels in January in Canada?” He began.

According to Wall, existing technologies do not allow to push the limits of renewable energy that are currently affected.

Brad Wall, which will face the Saskatchewan voters next year, is a strong advocate of the oil and gas industry. He defended the Energy East and Keystone XL pipeline. He also took this role even more seriously since the election of the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the neighboring province of Alberta.

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