Brief evacuation at Montreal-Trudeau Airport

aeroport-pierre-elliott-trudeauA brief evacuation took place today at the Montreal-Trudeau Airport because of smoke in an area where work is underway, says one to the airport authority. Despite the commotion of combat operations were not disrupted.

Around 11:15, offices located above the terminal building were evacuated after it was detected the presence of smoke. After verification, it was found that this was not to start a fire, but smoke from the ongoing work at the landing. “It’s already over, everything is back to normal,” says Marie-Claire Desgagnés, spokesman WMD, which manages the airport. It adds that the operations were not disrupted, flights have been taking off and landing normally.

Even if it was a false alarm, Montreal firefighters were called in because the smoke emerged from a stairwell between the 1st and the 2nd floor of the terminal. The smoke was visible in one of the cafeterias airport, which triggered the alarm system, explains Mélanie Drouin, spokesman Fire Department of Montreal (SSIM).

That’s when a precautionary evacuation was declared, the time to find the source of the smoke. “It’s the smoke that was caused by work on site, but there is no fire home. It was found that it was concentrated in a specific area of ​​the airport, an area that could be contained, then allowed reinstatement, “Ms. Drouin said.

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