Bright eyes and sweet tooth

oeufs-paques-pulperieWhat could be more gratifying for kids, the day before Easter, as participate in a egg hunt or visiting a chocolate factory for them sweet tooth?

Between 500 and 700 people took part in the traditional picking coconuts from the Chicoutimi Pulp Saturday. The annual event is still popular. Armed with a basket, toddlers should collect plastic eggs of various colors hidden in the showrooms of the regional museum.

Ultimately course, they could trade their harvest against a chocolate hen and a good, cold glass of milk. The famous hunting was done in two stages: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. During the passage of the Progress-Sunday morning, a beautiful string of girls waited patiently to be given the expedition’s kickoff. Rose, Eleanor, Marie-Laure, Julia-Rose, Heloise and Adele showed smiles chewable.


Early in the morning, customers already stormed pharmacies and chocolate in the region in order to get their hands on a model for a loved one for Easter. At Chocolats Lulu, the owner, Dyane Gagnon, noted that Friday’s snowstorm slowed the enthusiasm of customers. The shopping was delivered the next day. In the showroom of Lulu, there were many. Jasmine Bolduc, 4, asked “big chicken” to his grandmother, a wish that Marcelle Bolduc was quick to fulfill. Chloe Audet, 20 months, scrutinizing eyes coconuts while chatting with a carrot mascot, while Zoe Tremblay, wearing a pair of bunny ears, eyeing very large boxes with his cousin, Marianne Emond.

At Good delights on Lafontaine Street, the owner, Nathalie Brisson, was ready to welcome people with hundreds of packages, some very original. This was particularly the case of a snowman made of white chocolate, cooked the day before to mark the Easter storm. Ms. Bisson said she was pretty sure of finding a buyer at this time of the year for this preposterous character at a price of $ 125.

“People come here because they are looking for particular things and because they want to buy regional,” emphasized Nathalie Bisson.

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