British Columbia: one third of a major blaze under control

foudre-serait-responsable-60-nouveauxAs the teams managed to master a significant portion of the forest fires in British Columbia, many residents who were evacuated from a reserve in northern Saskatchewan were able to return home because fires do not threaten their region.

In the Cariboo region of central British Columbia, the fire teams have managed to control the blaze third of some 70 square kilometers near the lake Puntzi, west of Williams Lake.

The area of ​​the fire had more than doubled on Saturday from 30 to 70 square kilometers, due to strong winds and the presence of dry fuels.

Residents of 90 homes had to leave the region and another 180 homes could be evacuated.

Several properties have been damaged by fire, including a hunting and fishing cabin, two houses and a country residence. Lightning is responsible for 60 new fires that broke out during the weekend.

If a change in temperature could offer some respite to the people of British Columbia, a provincial official said that a few days of rain provided would not necessarily sufficient to offset to weeks of drought.

“It appears that we will have a small temporary respite from the present situation … But we are still very early in the summer and the temperature is unpredictable and changing every day. We must ensure that people do not become complacent because of this rain, “argued the spokesman of the provincial department of forest fires, Kevin Skrepnek.

Meanwhile, Saskatchewan, the authorities announced that the fires did not put in more danger Grandmother’s Bay, allowing at least 130 members of the First Nation to be transported to their homes.

A car convoy had escorted 150 other people from five communities in the northeast of the province on Saturday night.

Duane McCkay, director of emergency services in the province, said that the authorities were examining conditions in 50 other communities evacuated to determine whether the 13,000 affected victims could return home.

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