Bromont, mountain experience: partnership with Mont Saint-Sauveur

president-bromont-montagne-experiences-charles(Bromont) With its partnership with the Safari Park last summer, Bromont, mountain experiences it again for the winter season. A new option, the northeastern option was developed with Mont Saint-Sauveur to allow holders of season tickets of the two stations to attend the two ski areas, announced yesterday the Bromont plant.

The northeast option can be added by contacting the customer service Bromont, mountain experiences, for $ 20 subscription to “night,” and $ 50 to subscriptions “almost always” and ” all times “from 2015 to 2016.

“This is great news for the ski industry and especially for the many skiers in the Montreal region. That should be an interesting option for them, “argued yesterday Désourdy Charles, president of Bromont mountain experiences.

One of the stated goals of the operation, he acknowledges, is to provide “greater flexibility in outdoor outlets people of Greater Montreal” and encourage them to jump on their boards more often during the winter. One week, they will travel to the Laurentians, the other, take the direction of de-Eastern Townships for skiing, notes Mr. Désourdy.

Winning Formula

If season passes that allow a subscriber to attend more than one mountain are more frequent in a group with several ski areas, such as Intrawest, however, they are more rare when the mountains have different owners.

“The big challenge is revenue sharing. It’s always difficult. But we have found a formula that satisfies everyone. We did it last summer with the Safari Park (…) When you have a winning formula cool summer, it is easier to convince a partner to make the leap, “says Charles Désourdy.

“It will be a great success for the people of Montreal, but also for those who want to go from here in the Laurentians. For example, those who have the evening subscription only go there once to recoup their purchase, “says Désourdy.

Note that the Northeast option will give access to Bromont course, mountain experiences, but also to the five mountains Group Mont Saint-Sauveur International, or Mont Saint-Sauveur, Mont Avila, Ski Mont Gabriel, Morin Heights and Mont Olympia.

Comments were quick to fuser yesterday on social networks. Many skiers and snowboarders welcomed the initiative of the two stations.

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