Brompton: the SPP will be the subject of consultations

consultation-brompton-inviteThe city is in consultation mode Brompton and invites citizens to a public consultation to be held Wednesday, April 13, at 19 pm at the Borough of Brompton office. It will gather comments on the Special Planning Program (SPP) for the urban core of Brompton. Nicole Bergeron Advisor is pleased that this matter, under discussion for several years, finally succeed.

The PPU is a component of a development plan that allows to provide more information for planning a specific sector. However, it must be integrated with the development plan and revised development of the City of Sherbrooke. It offers means of intervention to plan the development of a sector for the next 15 or 20 years.

This is the Brompton Street core which is the subject of a PPU. According to the executive summary of the City, this is a sector that enjoys a mix of residential, commercial, institutional and recreational and cultural municipal services. This is a “territory to transform where revitalization actions are required. This sector currently reveals a portrait unstructured because of its planned changes little in recent years. ”

The three management objectives are consolidation of a particular living environment, conservation and enhancement of the architectural heritage and the maintenance and improvement of the commercial structure. Specifically, it is among other questions to open up the home of arts and culture, improve the public parking supply and redevelop the intersection of Saint-Lambert and Laval, among others.

“A commission, in accordance with the Law on Planning and Development was created to hold this meeting. It consists of Robert Pouliot, Diane Delisle and myself, “said Nicole Bergeron after recalling that the draft SPP had been discussed since the creation of the new city.

A reflective exercise was initiated in 2012 when the City officially mandated exp Services Inc. The. to develop the PPU in 2014.

The president of Commerce Sherbrooke, Louisda Brochu, for his part, seized on the ball to stress the importance of policy coherence.

“It demonstrates the political will to do everything possible for that environment is dynamic. It really is a planning tool. That’s a lot of money for the city to ensure revitalize urban cores such as Brompton. Commerce Sherbrooke is already present in terms of animation. We have a project manager to Brompton and Lennoxville as well as Saint-Élie. One must always remember that it is a guide. The actions we take in the future need to be consistent. Sometimes it is fragile. It can be a nice document, but it must be backed by concrete action. It’s fragile urban core as Brompton and be careful with contradictory actions. I greatly welcome the PPU. ”

Mr. Brochu was referring to words covered two commercial projects for which rezoning was requested to Brompton. Both projects outside the urban core, are located along the Laval Street, near the high school Brompton, and in the road sector Windsor and Raymond Auger Street. The Notice of Commerce Sherbrooke was required in both cases.

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