Bruny Surin continues to Puma shoes that bear his name

Quebec sprinter Bruny Surin tackles Puma sporting goods manufacturer, a major sponsor of athletes at the Rio Games, he accused of enriching themselves by selling unauthorized shoes that bear his name.

Surin, who was part of the Canadian team relay 4 x 100 m gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics and now has his own collection of sports clothing sold in stores the Aubainerie, says he does never agreed to the German manufacturer to sell running shoes as the “Cell Surin.”

In a lawsuit filed at the courthouse in Montreal, counsel for the sprinter said that Puma has contacted the athlete “before or after developed and marketed Cell Surin.”

He stressed that the word “Superintendent” does not exist in English but in French, it exists only to designate a knife or dagger.

“No common name” Superintendent “does not refer to directly or indirectly, in French and English, sports, speed, performance, or other words or concepts related to race or sport” Bruny Surin said.

“The proper name Surin is meanwhile commonly refer to this Bruny Surin,” he explains.

He added that the use of the name by Puma has “created confusion, leaving to believe that Puma as Surin endorses the product it sells.” Especially since the shoe in question is marketed as a speed-oriented model, the specialty of Surin, with the slogan “You move fast.” The sprinter Quebec has also been joined by people who believed it was associated with the marketing of this shoe.

Bruny Surin calls for now $ 90,000 in damages, but reserves the right to revise this amount upwards if the civil trial revealed that sales of the Cell Surin model are very important.

Canadian headquarters of Puma, the public relations officer told La Presse that the company has no comment at this time.

Puma sponsors the current holder of the 100m record Usain Bolt and other riders who are in Rio and wearing the colors of Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada and Switzerland.

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