Budget: the rector hope the pendulum swing back

montreal-udes-donneIncreased subsidies to index salaries of university employees will be discussed on Friday, while the rectors meet the new Minister of Higher Education, Hуlуne David. Quebec announced the rectors that such subsidies would be increased by 3% by 2019, while the rectors demanding 9.5%.

The Rector will meet with the new Minister of Higher Education, Hélène David, with the other rectors Friday.

“Of course we will talk. Are we going to have a firm answer? I do not know, “said the rector of the Université de Sherbrooke, Luce Samoisette the sidelines of a press briefing Wednesday.

“This is a meeting that every time there is a change of minister … I remind you that this is my eighth minister in seven years. It is a meeting to discuss the major issues. All topics will be on the table. ”

While university leaders have made headlines for their working conditions, the issue of executive compensation will be the order of the day. “The Minister has requested information in each university, we send that information, and we will answer his questions. For now, what I found was that there was nothing special for UdeS. ”

On the eve of the provincial budget, the rector stressed that she hopes “extra money” for the university network.

“I think I do not call it a reinvestment: it’s just at least get us back to what we had in 2011-2012. It also has infrastructure needs. There is the federal budget too … It will be interesting to see how it will articulate … “commented Ms. Samoisette sidelines of a press briefing Wednesday.

Lecturer in the economics department of the Université de Sherbrooke, François Delorme said he wanted to temper expectations.

“The reinvestment will not live up to the expectations and needs,” said he, reminding that Quebec comes out “a time of budgetary rigor” and that “economic growth is anemic.”

“We would have preferred that the government has a goal (to return to fiscal balance) on two, three, four years. “” One can not be against virtue. There is nothing that says he had to get to the number zero as quickly …, “he laments.

François Delorme sees an inconsistency in the way of the Liberal government. “It takes two seconds to cut a net, the social safety net. It’s easy to cut, but the whole infrastructure, the core need to recreate, it will take years. ”

“The economic growth of a company is based on education. When cut, it has implications for several years … ”

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