CALACS condemns sexist theme used by the Boston Bar

1174515The Boston Bar is organizing the 10th edition of “Fuck Your Ex” on Friday evening. Help Center and the fight against sexual assault (SACs) Estrie Aggression denounces this kind of event and all the bar owners who agree to partner with developers of those evenings that take place through the province.

“It is a call for maintaining a culture where rape is commonplace! It is also a call that violates the integrity besides harming healthy and egalitarian gender relations, “say Melanie Lavoie and Rivard Aryanne, the CALACS.

On the poster announcing the event: a woman defiantly and a t-shirt on which is written “Who’s Next” (Who is next).

“The event spread stereotyped and sexist images where women are further reduced and treated as sex objects available,” strung representatives of CALACS.

The event is described on the social networks as a “totally shambolic” evening where there will be a “sound orgy,” a risk of “hangover” (hangover) and many other surprises. There is talk of “a night reserved for party animal” in which “all limits will be rejected.”

“Does that include the limit of consent already blurred by encouraging excessive alcohol consumption?”, Ask two sherbrookoises citizens who have published an open letter on the website of Women Sherbrooke.

“By encouraging people to consume alcohol in an ultimate goal of having one or more sex, this event not only trivializes the assault by poisoning, but also sexist in again using women as objects sex consuming excessive “, also notes Marie-Danielle Larocque and Rouse-Justine Lamarre, adding that studies show that 75% of sexual assaults involve alcohol intoxication.

“It is essential to question the notion of informed consent that seems totally absent from the event’s speech” support Ms. Larocque and Ms. Rouse-Lamarre.

“Furthermore, one of the promoters of the event last year reported no sexual consent was not tolerated and no report rape were reported. Whereas all the statistics show that women denounce rarely sexual assaults or rapes they experienced, how the promoter can he say that there has never been a non-consensual report at its events ? ”

“Did you Did not civic responsibility to refuse the holding of such an event in our city? As patriarchy continue to maintain its tentacles across all spheres of society, relations between women and men can not be truly egalitarian and, by extension, those reports will be those of a sometimes assumed domination , sometimes unconscious, “conclude Ms. Larocque and Ms. Rouse-Lamarre in the open letter is” jointly endorsed “by more than one hundred people. Support harvested within 24 hours.

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