Camping Jonquiere: Bernard Christmas is not against sale

bernard-noelThe president of Jonquiere is not against the sale of Camping Jonquiеre to a private company. Questioned about this, Bernard Noel, however, that all depends on what the company Claveau and son could offer guarantees, if there are transaction.

“I did not analyze it in detail and the first news I have had in this folder are those that have been published in the newspaper. If done in the state of the art in respect of the board in place, that employees can continue to work and that everything is in good agreement, I do not see why it would be bad “he mentioned.

Bernard Noel, however, that the sale is not envisaged at this stage and that it is more a question of hearing the proposal Claveau and son. He noted that what happens next will be determined after discussions qu’auront soon Councillor Luc Boivin and company representatives. The company is registered in Quebec lobbyists to be able to make approaches to the City in order to acquire the site. The land is located on public land managed by intramunicipal Saguenay, which owns real estate.

The president of the district says in the same breath that the model in place or site management by a nonprofit organization, works well.

“The campers who are there are happy. We had no complaints and the administration is doing its job, “said Bernard Noël.


In a completely different note, Bernard Noël welcomes the interest that a private developer dedicated to the old Bobbie restaurant, located in its sector. Councilor Arvida had not had the opportunity to rule on this issue since the Progres Dimanche reported the likely move of Cabaret JR in a new building that would be built on land the restaurant burned down in 2008. The Jonquière recently agreed to amend its zoning for this sector to accommodate a strip club. Negotiations are underway surrounding the sale, conditional upon the amendment of the planning scheme.

“It was time that I was expecting that something is happening with this and I am very pleased that private sector involvement. It is a global project that includes the acquisition of properties adjacent to Bobbie. The snowmobile trail and bike paths pass nearby. This is very beneficial for someone who wants to revitalize that area, “says the councilor, which does not exclude the possibility of settling a snack bar with terrace in the area.

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