Camping Jonquiere: CA opposes sale

administration-camping-jonquiereThe board of Camping Jonquiere opposes the unsolicited offer made by the excavating business jonquieroise Claveau and son in the Saguenay City to be making a private housing development.

“Our board of directors is committed to protecting this heritage that has been built by local people for local people,” it said in a press release written by the chairman of the board of Camping Jonquiere, Raynald harvey.

Camping Jonquiere said they were not surprised to learn that an unsolicited offer was filed to acquire the campsite with a view to achieve a housing project. An unsolicited bid is one which aims to solicit interest and the opinion of the owners before filing an offer in due form.

An unsolicited offer is a public offer to purchase or exchange where the offeror before any official market launch, seeks the views and interests of shareholders and managers of the target company. The latter may be to agree to this offer that the buyer structure can then turn into friendly takeover or can, instead, reject outright the conditions of the offer.

“We welcome the willingness of the company and son Claveau to invest in its community,” it continues further. Administrators, however, argue that they “firmly believe that the City must preserve this jewel of our collective heritage, according to the vision of the founders of the camp, and guide investors interested to many potential untapped around the lake or on Kénogami banks of the Rivière aux Sables. ”

They stress that the development plan of the campsite, developed by Jonquière, also plans to maintain the accessibility of the public site, in addition to developing its “full potential” over the next few years.

The offer of a private developer demonstrates the need for Saguenay to give a “true vision” surrounding residential development around Lake Kénogami, it is added, and allow sufficient public access to the water.

Board members stressed that the development of the site was done over the years through the work of volunteers and the injection of public funds.

Administrators recall that the founders of the campsite, businessmen Jonquière, regrouped there nearly 30 years to develop the waterfront site of Lake Kénogami and open to the public in 1987. Today, 40 000 people visit the place every summer.

Camping Jonquiere is located on public land intramunicipal, whose management has been entrusted to Saguenay by the provincial government. The president of Jonquière, Bernard Noel has also told the Progres-Dimanche that he had no objection to the sale of Camping Jonquiere to private interests, according to what the company could offer guarantees.

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