Camping Jonquiere interested private

aimerait-acquerirCamping Jonquiere could pass to private hands.

The company Claveau and son approached the City to negotiate with it for land acquisition. These are located on public lands intramunicipal (TPI), whose management has been entrusted to Saguenay by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Quebec under a long lease.

On March 17, the Director General of Claveau and son, Eric Claveau, enrolled in the Registry of Lobbyists Quebec, a necessary step when a private developer wishes to make representations to a level of government for some files lather . The subject of the application for registration is “the awarding of a contract, other than in the context of a public tender, grant or other financial benefit or award another form of benefit determined by government regulation. ”

The public document, seen by The Daily, speaks of the desire of the company working in the field of construction “negotiate for the purchase (purchase agreement) of the campsite” Camping Jonquière “, owned by the city Saguenay “.

The communications director of the City Jeannot Allard, confirms that “an enterprise or has (have) approached the City to undertake discussions about Camping Jonquiere.” This is the councilman of the Bay and vice president of the executive committee, Luc Boivin, who was mandated to analyze the file. It confirms everything, but states that it is an unsolicited offer.

“All that is true. There are serious people who have shown interest. The least is to be heard. These are serious people, people we know. This is a great form of respect to meet them, “said Luc Boivin. Alderman advised management of camping jonquiérois its next meeting with representatives of Claveau and son.

On 16 December, the Executive Committee of Saguenay granted a mandate to the valuation firm Brisson Tremblay Fleury and associates for the evaluation of three lots on the perimeter of Camping Jonquière.

Eric Claveau has not made ​​the call from the Daily. Jonquieroise the firm has already been registered at the Quebec lobbyists to another folder in the Lac-Kenogami sector. She had mandated Julien Morin, its EG management subsidiary, to manage the project of construction of 18 condominium units on the grounds of the outdoor Cepal center.

Christine Boivin deplores the way to the City

Councillor Lac-Kénogami deplores that the municipal committee of public land was not put in the file of the perfume. Christine Boivin on this committee chaired by Luc Boivin.

The head of district # 1 said they learned of the interest of the dedicated business Claveau and son at Camping Jonquière through the media. She believes that the City has not acted within the rules of art.

“How is it that this question is not passed through the multi-use committee (TPI) which sit a dozen people, including several elected? The committee has not met since before Christmas and during that time, the executive appoints someone in this folder then. Are we could work in the rules of art? “Is questioning Christine Boivin.

Beyond the possible sale of assets, the counselor calls for more transparency and cohesion in the management of such important issues for the City and its citizens.

“The executive voted to mandate an election. Is it that there has been a resolution for this? The President of the CFI committee must convene a meeting as soon as possible and the question of camping should be to the agenda, “she continues.

Luc Boivin called President of the Board, Raynald Harvey, informing him that he would meet people Claveau and son in the coming days.

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