Canada: a military associated with racist

A military linked to the community of far-right clean sweep had been arrested by the army in 2009 for racist comments about his belief in the supremacy of the white race, has learned The Press.

Alexandre Normand, who gives courses in” traditional martial art ” of western peoples in association with a clean slate, has been promoted between the incident and the publication of the survey report.

The ex-member of the Voltigeurs de Québec, who is still working in the armed Forces, “issued comments of a racist nature,” concludes a report of the investigation in connection with allegations of harassment on a military whose name suggests that he comes from an ethnic minority.

“The evidence shows that corporal Norman regularly takes position with respect to the coexistence of the different ethnic groups and that it is of the opinion that the white race is superior,” says the investigation report of the Bureau of investigation of harassment (BEH) of the canadian armed Forces.

The facts date back to 2007. Other military personnel were also involved in the investigation to other racist insults.


Contacted by The Press, Alexander Norman has argued that this story is just a misunderstanding. “The situation is resolved. And from these comments, this is not something that I connect with so many today. It does not represent me at all, and it does not represent who I was at that time no more “, he said to his defence, insisting on the fact that he was speaking in a personal capacity.

Despite its conclusions about the racist comments that had kept Alexander Norman, the report does not conclude its responsibility in connection with the allegations of harassment. “It is unclear” whether his racist comments were “directed[s] to” the victim “alleged” and that they ” may have been prejudiced by this last “, conclude the investigators.

They note, however, that Mr. Norman ” was a corporal during the events and it has been promoted to the rank of corporal “. “It was really a big misunderstanding, repeated the main party, yesterday. Anyway, the armed Forces would never have promoted a person about whom they have suspicions. “At the time, the young military was very interested in the Second world War. “I have a great passion for history and it looks like it is poorly seen,” he lamented.


The Press revealed 10 days ago that members of the military and ex-military quebecers were at the center of a clean slate, a community of far-right who were theses nazi and anti-semitic. Sa page Facebook broadcast, for example, quotes from the fascist Adrien Arcand, who lamented the defeat of nazi 1945.

Clean slate is said to be “associated” to the course of” Employment of the tomahawk in combat ” given up to now by Alexandre Normand in a gymnasium of the Valcartier military base. During his workshops, a poster of a clean slate was in order.

Joined yesterday, the canadian armed Forces have indicated that they were not available to comment on the record.

It has not been possible to obtain comments on the part of the victim of harassment.

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