Canada authorizes the abortion pill

pres-60-pays-autorise-venteCanada has given the green light to issue an order of the abortion pill RU-486 after three years of testing and 27 years after its authorization in France, does said Thursday at the Ministry of Health.

RU 486 – not to be confused with the morning after pill – lets not resort to surgical abortion and terminate an unwanted pregnancy, less than five or seven weeks depending on the country where it is prescribed.

In Canada, the issue of the abortion pill can be done up to a maximum of 7 weeks, according to the record of decisions on medication.

Health Canada has received marketing application for the drug company Linepharma International, and has since conducted tests to ensure the efficacy and safety of two molecules comprising the product before making it available.

“The decision to allow (RU-486) ​​for the Canadian market was taken following a detailed examination of the data provided by the sponsor supporting the safety, efficiency and product quality,” the said Ministry of Health in its report.

“The Canadians will finally have access to the gold standard of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy”, welcomed in a statement Vicki Saporta, president of the National Federation for abortion.

Nearly 60 countries have authorized the sale of the abortion pill since its legalization in France in 1988, she said.

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