Canada bombarded the Islamic State in Iraq

force-operationnelle-aerienne-irak-compteCanadian fighter aircraft conducted air strikes against the Islamic state group (EI) on Sunday in western Iraq, confirmed to La Presse the Canadian Armed Forces. These are the first bombing ordered by Canada since the attacks in Paris and the sixth to be held this month. It is unclear how these strikes are linked to the tragic events of Friday.

Two CF-18 Hornet fighters have “hit a fighting position group DIRE [Islamic state] to the southwest of Haditha using precision guided munitions,” it said on the web page Operation Impact of the Canadian army. Both fighters then participating in air strikes in support of the coalition offensive operations of the Iraqi security forces.

The Canadian military refused to say whether these are directly linked to bombing attacks in Paris claimed by EI. “This strikes made in the context of Canadian participation. The Canadian government has reiterated its commitment to continue its military involvement in the fight against terrorism, but by targeting its efforts on training the Kurdish forces, “said Tina Crouse email, spokesman of National Defence.

Focus on humanitarian aid

G20 summit on Saturday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated its commitment to end Canada’s participation in the military operations of the international coalition within “responsible” to focus on humanitarian assistance and the training of local troops . However, the Liberal leader has not yet given a clear timetable on it.

The interim leader of the Conservative Rona Ambrose Saturday urged the Prime Minister to reverse his campaign promise because of the attacks of Paris. “I want to make clear that we believe that Canada should not withdraw the Royal Canadian aviation of the coalition that is currently struggling against the Islamic state group,” she had said.

Friday before the attacks in Paris, two Canadian hunters had also participated in air strikes from the coalition to a hundred kilometers from Haditha, in western Iraq. “Two CF-18 Hornet struck a group of pregnant DIRE [Islamic State] and two battle group DIRE positions around Ramadi using precision guided munitions,” the Army website Canadian.

Earlier this month, Canadian fighters bombed four times the positions of IE in Iraq. As of last Wednesday, the Air Task Force in Iraq had conducted 1731 sorties. It counts on six aircraft CF-18 Hornet fighter, refueling aircraft and two patrol aircraft.

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  • Lynne Marton

    IMHO, NO ONE, and I mean NO CANADIAN – with any common sense would hold it against JT for NOT “holding to his campaign promises of withdrawing from military support” in the fight against IS. And also would NOT hold it against him if he doesn’t bring in all those “refugees” unless and until they are ALL vetted properly – BEFORE they board the planes to come here. Just saying………….