Canada must compete Norway, not Saudi Arabia, said Couillard

Prime Minister Philippe Couillard
Prime Minister Philippe Couillard
(Quebec) Canada must learn from Norway and not of Saudi Arabia in its fight against climate change efforts, said the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard on Friday.

In a speech in Ottawa Friday Philippe Couillard called on Canada to get rid of its image as climate dunce. Under the Harper government, the country has withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol, in addition to being awarded repeatedly the “fossil award” at international conferences.

For the Prime Minister, an exercise in “rebranding” is needed to approach the Paris climate conference, which starts in 10 days. Canada must demonstrate that it can be both a major producer of oil and a champion of environmental protection.

“Let’s start to perceive us as a competitor of Norway rather than a competitor to Saudi Arabia,” the Prime Minister said.

The new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, will meet with his provincial counterparts in Ottawa Monday, a summit where the preparation of the Paris Conference on climate will be one of the main topics of discussion.

Mr. Couillard delivered his speech alongside his Ontario counterpart Kathleen Wynne at the invitation of Canadian Studies Centre in 2020.

Change of tone

The Prime Minister Couillard was also delighted by the change of “tone” in federal-provincial relations announced by the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau in Ottawa. Under the Conservative Stephen Harper, the federal government has kept to a minimum meetings with provincial leaders.

“I think that the tone has changed. The desire to engage in dialogue with all provinces and territories together around the same table. I think it is welcome. ”

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