Canada Post slab destroyed: Moreau blame Coderre

maire-denis-coderre-detruit-dalleThe Minister of Municipal Affairs, Pierre Moreau, criticized the controversial move of the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, who made a coup by destroying a concrete slab Canada Post.

On the sidelines of the caucus emphasizing the return of the Liberals, held Saturday in Shawinigan, Minister Moreau said that the mayor did not give the right example to the citizens of his city by acting this way.

On Thursday, before the cameras, Denis Coderre has declared war on Canada Post, destroying, to jackhammer blows, a concrete slab installed in a park west of the island of Montreal, with a view to install mailboxes.

Mayor Coderre is fighting to keep the postal delivery service at home and denounces the cavalier way, he said, to proceed in the federal corporation. He justified his dramatic gesture, claiming that it was symbolic and political.

This did not prevent the Minister of Municipal Affairs rebuffed Mr. Coderre, arguing that it was not in this way that a mayor had to defend its arguments.

According to him, it was not the right way to score a point. The Minister held that the mayor “did not need to do the same.”

“This is not an example to give,” he ruled.

For his part, the Minister responsible for Montreal, Robert Poëti, was more cautious. “The symbolic gesture seemed to me in my case. The mayor invited all citizens to not do that, “he commented.

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