Canada will send more troops to Iraq for training

justin-trudeau-accueilli-arrivee-sommet(Manila, Philippines) The Trudeau government intends to deploy a greater number of Canadian troops in northern Iraq to intensify local troops training efforts to counter the armed group Islamic State, responsible for terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday during a press conference aboard the Canadian Forces Airbus carrying the Manila where he will participate in the APEC summit starting Wednesday, the 69 Canadian soldiers are currently on the ground to form the Kurdish troops are not enough.

He said the defense minister Harrit Sajjan currently on board a plane that will increase Canada’s contribution in this aspect of the fight against terrorism.

“We want to do more training. It’s going to require more than 69 soldiers. The exact number, we are still trying to assess it. But I reassured our allies that we will do more, “said Trudeau, adding that an announcement will be made shortly.

“There is no doubt that this will not be a short-term deployment,” added the Prime Minister.

The Canadian contribution in the fight against terrorism will be also discussed during the first bilateral meeting Aura Trudeau with US President Barack Obama on Thursday. “I look forward to hearing his perspective. I look forward especially to reassure him that Canada continues to stand firm in its commitment to the coalition and we will continue to do more than our part in training rather than the air strikes, “a-t- he said.

During the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey, Trudeau reiterated its firm intention to repatriate the country’s six CF-18 fighter jets participating in air strikes by the international community against the EI targets in Iraq and Syria for 14 months. He told his G20 counterparts that repatriation of CF-18 will be “responsibly”.

In addition to participating in air strikes from coalition led by the United States, the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper has deployed 69 soldiers in northern Iraq to advise local troops on the measures required to counter the threat EI represents in the region.

In addition, Mr. Trudeau dismissed the appeal of the Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, to postpone the deadline of 1 January has set itself the Liberal government for hosting 25,000 Syrian refugees. Other voices, including that of the Prime Minister of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, as well as the mayors of Montreal, Toronto and Quebec were heard for Ottawa to grant a little more time to ensure the reception these thousands of refugees.

“We will respect our election commitments. Our commitment is to host 25,000 refugees by 1 January safely. We will make every effort to get it, “he said.

Mr. Trudeau has also insisted that the Canadian government will take the means necessary to prevent unwanted individuals sneaking in this migration to Canada.

“We have said from the beginning, that security would be at the heart of everything we do. We will proceed to ensure that Canadians and Canada are protected in this process. This is not because of what happened in Paris and the tragedy that suddenly we are concerned about security, “he insisted.

To reporters, Mr. Trudeau was satisfied with its participation in a first international summit as prime minister.

“It was a positive first experience for me at the G20 summit,” he has said from the outset.

“I sought advice to some of my counterparts. Others have given me spontaneously. (…) It was a good opportunity to establish a relationship that, I hope, will continue on a positive note in the coming years. ”

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