Canadian: the life of Noah Juulsen changed in two weeks

defenseur-noah-juulsen-ete-premierSign his first contract, it does not change the world, but …

Unless the defender Noah Juulsen will receive a signing bonus in the coming weeks, and it will further alienate the other young men of 18.

“Most guys my age are working in fast-food restaurants in the summer,” recalled Juulsen, just minutes after signing his first professional contract.

The first-round draft pick in the Canadian knows he is privileged. His selection to 26 th place does not arrive by him luck – he worked for what he got – but it keeps things in perspective.

“Everyone dreams to have this opportunity, but it is not everyone who receives it. I am one of the lucky ones. ”

The life of the young defender from Abbotsford, British Columbia, has certainly changed since two weeks. His popularity on social media has also exploded.

“I put a photo on Instagram and 1,000 people to check off that they love, if he laughs. It froze my phone! ”

A bonus in blocked shots

Like all first professional contract, there was not much that could Juulsen negotiate this agreement. The salary of such contracts remains capped at $ 925,000, but a first draft pick as he can still negotiate some bonuses. For example, if the young rear Canadiens finished first about the blocked shots in his first season, he would be entitled to additional compensation.

Bonuses are targeted based on the strengths of each player. And even if the organization believes he got hold of a young person who could be a complete defender, is first and foremost in its area as the back of 6’1 ​​and 171 lbs stands.

If he led defenders Everett Silvertips of the Western Hockey League, in terms of assists (43) and points (52) last season, Juulsen believes that it is mainly the opportunities more likely to assert themselves in attack that led to the total points.

“I must learn to recognize when I can support the attack without getting caught against the foot and cause two-against-one on the other side, he nevertheless indicated. This is probably the aspect I most want to work. ”

Wrong numbers!

Juulsen grew up a fan of the Vancouver Canucks, but he quickly accepted the idea that it was – especially since noon yesterday – a member of the Canadiens organization. Besides, dreaming a bit in the future, he wondered if he might one day wear the number 16 that he always affectionate. But his research has stops on a certain Henri Richard …

As for the number 3 that he was given on his arrival in Everett, he too tidy for good.

“I saw that, Juulsen said with a half smile. We have to find something else! ”

In Calgary in August

Juulsen has not participated in the simulated games development camp this week due to a shoulder injury. Nothing serious, assures the youth that will be recovered in time to participate in the Team Canada Junior evaluation camp at the beginning of August in Calgary.

“I am proud to have had this invitation because we’re only three defensemen born in 1997 who got into [the others being Jérémy Roy and Mitch Vande Sompel].”

Juulsen had never really thought about Team Canada junior radar until he received the call from Ryan Jankowski, director of player personnel for Hockey Canada.

“He stressed that it was a beautiful occasiom to be invited to my young age and he just had to do my best, told Juulsen. Many believe that I have a good chance to carve out a position, but we will see what will happen. ”

Bergevin rule it quickly

Under Marc Bergevin, Canadian has never skimped to enter into agreements with its first round pick. Alex Galchenyuk (2012), Michael McCarron (2013) and Nikita Scherbak (2014) have all signed their “entry-level” agreement during the month of July, a few days after their selection.

Under Pierre Gauthier, the Habs had taken more time to agree with the defenders Jarred Tinordi (2010) and Nathan Beaulieu (2011). With respect to players, the first gesture of Bergevin as DG has also been to sign his first contract in Beaulieu, only 28 days after replacing Gauthier.

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