Canadians expect high ethical standards, Trudeau says

justin-trudeau-passage-montreal-matinCanadians expect the highest ethical standards from those who aspire to form the government, said the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, calling it “inappropriate” lobbying advice offered by its organizer Daniel Gagnier promoters of East Energy pipeline.

The Liberal leader commented this morning the resignation of his campaign co-chair after his emails sent to the company TransCanada have surfaced. In these, Dan Gagnier advised to target the best people to lobby in case of majority government. “We recognize that the actions of Mr. Gagnier were inappropriate, he took responsibility and stepped down,” Trudeau said.

Denouncing the ethical record of the Conservative government, the Liberal leader said he expected to “high ethical standards” in those around him.

Justin Trudeau assured Mr. Gagnier was not simply disappear by the time the campaign ends up – in four days – but that it would have no role “long term” in the Liberal Party. He also added that Mr. Gagnier had not played a role in the development of energy policy PLC, the latter having been kept out of discussions precisely because of its customers in the field.

“We respect the journalists’

The repeated questions from reporters angered some liberal activists who booed a reporter who returned to the charge. Justin Trudeau has sharply scolded one of them. “In this country, we respect journalists. Allowed to ask tough questions, “he has prevailed.

Justin Trudeau was in Montreal this morning in the riding of Ahuntsic-Cartierville to lend a hand to his candidate Mélanie Joly. “We need it in Ottawa,” he pleaded. It attempts to dislodge NDP MP Maria Mourani, who was elected under the banner of the Bloc since 2006.

The electoral office of Ahuntsic was chock full of liberal activists. While polls indicate that the PLC has the wind in its sails, confidence seems to go among the militants. When the leader said he wanted to form the next government, activist launched spontaneously “majority”.

Saying not want to err on the side of confidence, Justin Trudeau urged voters before going to vote. “Do not make your choice on polls but on the proposals of the parties.”

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