Canadians safe bonus for Trudeau

justin-trudeau-fait-savoir-quil(Antalya, Turkey) The first Canadian Justin Trudeau minister says his government is making every effort to ensure the safety of Canadians in the wake of the Paris of terrorist attacks that killed more than 130 people and were claimed by the Armed Islamic State Group (EI).

While some believe that G20 leaders must intensify the fight against EI, including the president of the United States Barack Obama, Mr. Trudeau was careful to change his intentions in the fight against terrorism while ensuring the safety of Canadians is a priority.

“The safety of Canadians is a priority for me and for my government. I spoke with the Minister of Public Safety and the various security agencies to ensure that Canadians are safe. Obviously, this is a subject that we approach with the other leaders here to ensure the safety of our citizens, “the prime minister said on Sunday, the first day of the summit.

Mr. Trudeau was speaking before his bilateral meeting with the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, during which the Prime Minister reiterated his intention to eliminate the visas imposed on Mexican nationals.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale said that “although the country’s threat level remains the same, we are extremely vigilant in Canada.”

Accentuate the fight

This was the first statement by Mr. Trudeau to Canadian journalists since the start of his trip abroad on the response to be given by the international community to the attacks of Paris. Other leaders have in turn increased the number of declarations of support for the French people since the tragic events and emphasized the importance of accentuating the fight against terrorism. The United States have confirmed Sunday that they will intensify the campaign against EI in Syria and Iraq, together with France.

“The killing of innocent people by invoking a twisted ideology is an attack not only against France, and Turkey, but an attack against the entire civilized world,” said President otamment of the United States Barack Obama.

“We’re now at a point where words are of no help in the fight against terrorism. We are now at a stage where [the fight] should be a priority, “for his part said the Turkish president.

G20 leaders intend to strongly condemn “hate” attacks in Paris in one of the final releases. They have stressed that they are “united in the fight against terrorism” and that one should not associate the attacks of Paris to a particular religion, nationality or group.

The leaders also reaffirm their will to dry up terrorist groups funding sources and freeze any assets that might be used.

Maintaining the fight against EI

The fight against terrorism has already established itself as the dominant subject of the G20 summit. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stuck so far in his game plan. Through the voice of a spokesperson, he said he still has the firm intention to terminate the participation of Canada in air strikes against targets in the EI Iraq and Syria and repatriate the country six aircraft CF-18 fighter within “responsible”. The Trudeau government wants to put more emphasis on humanitarian assistance and the training of local troops in northern Iraq to counter the threat of EI group.

But following the attacks in Paris, several voices began to rise as the country to maintain the combat mission, including that of Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall.

“We continue to be part of the coalition. I think we should be part of the struggle to destroy the EI. We question only on the best way to do it, “said Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Sunday night.

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