Cancer outweighs the father of the Village Vacances Valcartier

guy-drouin-accueillait-journalistes-lors(Québec) Guy Drouin had a dream; rather, dreams. His most recent was the opening of the four-star hotel and its indoor water park. He would carry the Saturday and after towards retirement. The businessman of 68 years but lost his fight against “cancer withering [liver].” He passed away on Monday.

It is through a statement that the family and the park management and Calypso Valcartier Vacation Village, a suburb of Ottawa, announced the sad news Tuesday morning. Employees have learned at the same time.

“We are all shaken by this departure and are grieving to know that our father will not see his latest creation in action, the Bora Park. The park and hotel were the biggest project of his life and represent the legacy of our father for the region. His disappearance breaks our heart, but his audacity and legendary generosity will trace us the way to the future. This exceptional man dedicated his life to entertain the families of the country and he kept smiling to the end “, said his children Matthew, Simon and Jerome Drouin, indicating that their father had, from his room hospital, with camera systems, watched over the site until the last minute.

newly diagnosed
Mr. Drouin was admitted to the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec Thursday. He went to seek medical attention for his cancer, diagnosed nine days earlier.

His relatives do not hide it, he had some health problems long before falling diagnosis. But only a handful of people were aware of his recent problems, her family and her best friend Roger Villeneuve. This was also at her bedside a few minutes before he pushes his last breath.

“When he contacted me, there are two days he was discouraged and was not ready to go. Monday, it was very peaceful at the hospital, he was ready. some good moments of our lives we reminisced, “says Sun Mr. Villeneuve, who knows many secrets and anecdotes about Mr. Drouin, knowing it since the age of 15. Moreover, there are less than two months, the duo played golf every Thursday in Florida. “There was betting a dollar [a hole], and when he won or lost, you are expected to speak for two days, even if he was fortunate enough” if he remembers with a smile. “This is a guy who liked to have fun!”

Mr. Villeneuve has only good words for his friend, describing it as a positive person and always calm, even if he was working 14 hours a day. “It was a director developer. He was able to make the microprojection and macroprojection. He was able to plan what to do in eight or ten years. He had an amazing overview. He was a visionary. ”

Although he had never invested financially in these large projects, Mr. Villeneuve, who owned several houses with the owner of the Village Vacances Valcartier, particularly in Florida, he served as a sort of adviser.

“I remember when he made me walk in the forest with mosquitoes in the field of Calypso. We did it twice. It was not the guy who sent scouts, he had to touch his projects, “he said. “He did it all by himself. He came from nothing and he succeeded. It was a lonely guy who still listened to the advice of people. However, it was he who had the final decision, “he continues. The water park named Calypso opened in 2010.

Guy Drouin received the media, November 1

1963 Start of winter sledding center activities with the development of slipping on wooden sled type tobogganing. The owner was Adrien Drouin, father of Guy
1972 Guy Drouin takes the reins of the family business
1980 Launch of the summer water park with an artificial lake and a few water slides
1987 Addition of Everest, two acceleration slides used in summer and winter
1989 Construction of the wave pool
1993 Opening of the Amazon, a tropical river. This is a first in the waterpark industry
In the winter of 2002, investment of $ 1.4 million for the introduction of the Himalayas
2006 Opening of the Den of pirates, an investment of over $ 3 million
2016 Opening of the future recreational tourist complex including a 4 star hotel and an indoor water park.
Source Valcartier Vacation Village

What they said …
“It was someone who had the flower business, a go-getter. It will leave a void in the region ”

Brent Montgomery, Mayor of the Municipality of Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier for 29 years

“Mr. Drouin was a man of few words, rather Zen-light circumstances. You have to have deep pockets to invest his own pocket as he did. He trusted him and saw one day at a time. It was an inspiring person ”

Annie Pelletier, former Olympian and company spokesman

“This visionary businessman has built an empire. On a winter sledding park in Valcartier, he turned it into mégaparc amusement nationally recognized ”

Joel Godin, MP for Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier

“He was able to plan what to do in 8 or 10 years old. He had an amazing overview. He was a visionary ”

His longtime friend Roger Villeneuve

exceptional businessman
“There are not many, entrepreneurs of this caliber then, in the tourist area.”

Like many business people in the region, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Quebec, Alain Aubut, said he was in shock after learning the death of the founder and president of Village Vacances Valcartier, Guy Drouin . The latter fought in recent days against cancer.

“He was a finalist in one of our prices radiation outside Quebec,” notes Mr. Aubut, to illustrate the contribution of the company to the capital. “It is an undeniable tourist attraction in the region; it is a singular and innovative entrepreneur in his field. Make an amusement park in the middle of nowhere and get to manage an investment of 70 million after slips […], you see that it is a contractor who had a reading of the needs of the population ” he said, also praising the way his contribution in the sector of Canada’s capital with its development dubbed Calypso Water park.

Since 1972. Mr. Drouin has invested over $ 130 million in its facilities located in the Municipality of Saint-Gabriel de Valcartier. And nearly 15 000 million people have walked the site.

“The industry has to attract external clients and to benefit the people of the region. What he was doing [with the addition of the Ice Hotel, its four-star hotel with its indoor water park] is a little Disney. He had the sense to attract and meet the needs of customers; it has greatly helped the economy of the region. It took a visionary to do that, “said Mr. Aubut, who would like to see more entrepreneurs like Mr. Drouin in tourism.

“Huge loss”

In a statement, the City of Quebec wanted to offer his condolences and to emphasize that the departure of Mr. Drouin represented “a huge loss for the business community and tourism in the greater Quebec City area.” “Mr. Drouin was a builder who innovated and who was able to Valcartier Vacation Village adored public destination. Respected by all players in the tourism industry, this visionary missed all “, noted for his part the Mayor Régis Labeaume.

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