Career & Training Fair: a complete section on entrepreneurship

total-entre-13-000-15(Quebec) 21 th career training and Salon, which runs from October 21 to 24 at the ExpoCité Exhibition Centre, this year will offer a fully oriented towards entrepreneurship component.

“It is a request we received guidance counselors on the ground,” explains Pascale Clement, Executive Director of the Show. “Young people have asked:” To start a business, how it works? “” Several speakers will be on hand to talk about entrepreneurship in a business start-up context, including the steps to get there, and the legal and financial aspects.

Career and Training Fair allows visitors “to better define their career choice.” If the event was addressed specifically to young once, the economic context, and lower secondary students, are an adult clientele is also interested in the services offered at the show. Therefore, “it is important to adjust the speech to a diverse clientele.”

For young people, this is an opportunity to experience a career and a “great opportunity to share with parents.” As for the adult clientele, she is more interested in preparing for retirement, but also to find a training that will allow him to advance in his career, or frankly to reorient.

For high-demand sectors, the Salon offers the formula Experiment your future, where an employer comes to talk of a trade before you even talk about training. Then someone from a training center will provide the training required to perform the “The Fair is a three-dimensional media, added Ms. Clement. It conveys emotions. ”

And the answer seems positive from the exhibitors. “They just send a passion. Everyone likes to talk about what they do, “said Ms. Clement. She cites the example of the Commission de la construction du Québec, which leased 16 spaces with the School of trades and occupations in the construction industry in Quebec, the Vocational Training Centre Samuel-de-Champlain, the vocational training center in Québec and assembly training center lines “to attend demonstrations of trades. And it will even be possible for the public to try them safely, “added the CEO.

The show allows “to align the planets” for people seeking employment or a career. Thus, among the 200 exhibitors on site, there are vocational training centers, colleges, universities, but also sectoral committees of labor, business representatives and aid agencies looking employment, such as youth employment centers. In total, 13 000 and 15 000 visitors are expected.

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Where: ExpoCité Exhibition Centre

When: October 21 to 24

Cost: Free Admission

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