Carey Price absence of: a test of character for CH

mike-condon-demeure-marbre-faceCaptain Max Pacioretty argues that the prolonged absence of Carey Price represents a great opportunity for Canadians to actually show that he is not the team to a guard.

“Carey is one of our very important cogs, but we know the value of our group, and it is up to us to prove it,” said Pacioretty Monday in the wake of the announcement of the loss for a Price minimum period of six weeks.

“It is time for all of us to show what he has in the stomach,” he went further, admitting that group dynamics will be affected in terms of leadership.

The general manager Marc Bergevin spoke of a test of character for the players. They have already provided an overview of success they may know without Price during her first convalescence period lasting more than three weeks. Meanwhile, rookie goaltender Mike Condon held the fort.

“Six weeks is a good part of the season. But it’s better that it happens now than later, resumed Pacioretty. Show to see what we are really capable of. And it starts on Tuesday. ”

The Habs will try to continue its momentum early season, hosting the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The center David Desharnais player admitted that the task does not look easy.

“It’s a big loss. We will have to bail us out without our best player. So far we have done a decent job. Everyone has answered the call. ”

Desharnais argued that the team is better equipped than it was last season to overcome such obstacles.

“But on the other hand it is never certain, he went further. Over the past two seasons, we have been spared by injuries. So far we have done well without Carey and hopefully it will continue. But everyone will have to raise their game a notch. ”

Bel honor anyway

Desharnais would have preferred his illustrious teammate add to his record another player tranche in CH rather than win the title for him in November.

“I have no great merit because Carey was absent, he noted jokingly. But it is a great honor that highlights my good start. ”

Desharnais had 12 points in the monthly ranking of the Molson Cup, one more Alex Galchenyuk, under the first four-star game he has obtained.

Defenceman PK Subban noted that the team has confidence in his abilities, having made a good impression during the first absence of star guard.

“It is for us to continue to properly assist Mike Condon said Subban. Mike appreciates the chance he was offered, after eating his black bread in the minors. It gives us the opportunity to win every game. But this is not an opportunity for himself, but for everyone. We can not expect our guardians, regardless of their identity, steal games for us. ”

A find Dudley

As for Condon, he remains unmoved in its new status as goalkeeper, repeating that he does not break his philosophy of approaching the days one at a time.

“I’m more comfortable because I have already played 14 games. Every time you play, it’s easier. The positive aspect is that I can inspire me to any recent experience, in the absence of Carey. ”

Bergevin has taken credit for the discovery of Condon, just a few years, his assistant Rick Dudley.

“Rick (Dudley) told me about him first, told the Canadiens general manager. He played with the Houston Aeros in the AHL. Their next game was in Grand Rapids. Vincent Riendeau, goalkeeper coach of our school team, went to see him play. It was under the recommendation of Vincent and Rick we offered him a contract. ”

Bergevin said the turning point of the Condon career was when the Canadiens allowed him to live within the experience of the final of the East, there are two years.

“Mike said, the day he was taken in the final of the East, and has seen how well the players work hard to be professional, he understood that he had to devote so much time to have a chance. ”

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