Caribou Club Grant-Conscripts: Bruno Tremblay explains

president-developpementThe mayor of Saint-Honore and President of Saint-Honore Development, Bruno Tremblay, does not believe to have placed in positions of appearance or conflict of interest. On November 23, he participated in discussions of the investment committee of the society surrounding the granting of financial assistance of $ 44,000 to the Caribou Club-Conscripts, over five years, despite the fact that the company construction he heads had in his pocket the contract to build the new building since September 14 following a tender process.

In an interview with Daily following the information published by TVA, Mr. Tremblay explained that Saint-Honoré is given a tool for economic development with the creation of an Industrial and Commercial Development Fund in which the municipality is investing $ 60,000 annually. Mr. Tremblay explained that the allocation of amounts granted to various promoters is established from an evaluation grid awarding points according to the investment made, the cost of buildings, job creation, etc. Depending on the responses, the Director General of the municipality between the data in a computer system, which determines a weighting that is submitted to the members of the investment committee. Mr. Tremblay bases its argument on the fact that no decision or vote has been taken.

Mayor Tremblay submitted a copy of the minutes of the meeting of the Development Board of the Saint-Honoré 23 November 2015 in which only appear the names of the mover of the resolution, Marcellin Dionne, supported by Gilles Pelletier, the all resolved unanimously.

The resolution states that Bruno Tremblay mentions the members that got the Caribou-Conscript contract. “I have no fault in it. There have been no discussions on the amount of subsidy because everything is “caned” according to the grant grid. TBT my company signed the construction contract on 14 September. The grant was given on 23 November and the building was available for 18 December, “he explains.

He acknowledged however that, as mayor, businessman and president of St. Honoré development, he should withdraw from the discussions. Following legal consultations carried out with Gaston Saucier, lawyer of the municipality, Mr. Tremblay says the company he heads had the right to bid on municipal projects. “I do not think there is material to file a complaint skill. Everything was done in the rules of art, “he says.

What the law says

Beyond the ethical and moral considerations, the Act respecting elections and referendums regulates in detail the actions to be accomplished municipal officials eager to do business with municipalities.

Section 361 of that Act provides that the member of the council of a municipality that is present at a meeting at the time should be considered a matter in which he has a direct or indirect pecuniary interest particular should disclose the general nature of that interest before the discussions on this issue and refrain from participating in them and vote or attempt to influence the voting on this issue.

This applies at a meeting of any board, committee or commission which the member belongs within the municipality or municipal body. It may be a body declared by law representative or agent of a municipality or whose board is composed mainly of members of the council of a municipality, whose budget is adopted by it or with funding provided for by more than half thereof.


An elected may be declared disqualified to hold the office of Member of the council of any municipality if it contravenes section 361 regarding an issue to be considered by a board, committee or commission to which it belongs and which it knows to have a direct or indirect pecuniary interest particular.

This is also the case if he did not disclose the general nature of his interest before the discussions on this issue, when present at the meeting where this must be taken into consideration, or, in the case Instead, from the first session of the Board, committee or commission where it is present after learning that the matter has been considered;

The elected who does not leave the session after disclosing the general nature of its interest for the duration of the deliberations and vote on this issue when the meeting is not public may also be declared disqualified.

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