Carsharing: several companies could provide the electric vehicles

vignettes-universelles-representent-nerf-guerreCoderre The administration says it is ready to see several companies provide 1,000 electric vehicles in self-service it wishes to place on the streets of Montreal by 2020, rather than dealing with a single supplier.

Accused of having launched a call of interest favoring the Bolloré Group, which manages Autolib ‘in Paris, the City has again defended Wednesday wanting to establish a monopoly. The right arm of the mayor, Pierre Desrochers, assured that the call for interest launched at the end of June instead sought to “ensure some competition and not find a sole supplier.”

How? The administration recognizes that “splitting” of the system is envisaged. Several companies could thus share the network of 1,000 electric vehicles.

The RFI also evokes this scenario, says the mayor’s office Coderre. The specifications to be met by companies interested in the project invites them to “describe the viability of [their] business model in the event that several electric vehicle suppliers self-service are present on the territory of the City of Montreal” . It states that it could be “splitting the number of self-service vehicles by the number of suppliers.”

Although splitting is envisaged, it remains that the specifications meet the request to each supplier if it is able to deploy itself in 1000 electric vehicles. “Indicate if your company can meet deployment proposed by the City of Montreal, or 1,000 electric vehicles in self-service in 5 years.”

So far it had been a question only one company has access to universal vignettes parking. The other car-sharing companies could continue their activities in Montreal, but were limited to the few parking spaces not covered by restrictions or should have rented spaces in private parking lots, a major expense. A box in the center can cost $ 300 a month.

Cost of a stamp

The interest of Appeal indicates that the vignettes are sold at a price of $ 1750 to $ 2000 per year. They would bring back the coup 1750000-2000000 when 1,000 vehicles will be on the streets of Montreal. The document also states that the cost of a battery charge would be $ 2.50.

Universal vignettes represent the sinews of war in the world of self-service vehicles. The car2go company feels it can not survive without them. “Without them, we would close. One can not function without on-street parking. If it’s too complicated to find a car or find parking, people no longer use the service, “says Jeremi Lavoie, Director General of the Montreal office of car2go.

The company, which fears being away from the process because of the criteria put forward by Montreal, seen as a good thing the idea of ​​splitting the parking stickers. “From the beginning, we said that the monopoly is not a good solution,” says Jeremi Lavoie. Allow several companies to coexist “would clearly be in the interest of citizens,” he continues.

The administration Coderre said that the call of international interest which expires on August 24 does not represent an end in itself. This is a way to “test the market” by checking the interest of companies to implement electric vehicles in self-service.

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