Carson Trump dethroned

ben-carson-gauche-donald-trumpThe Republican candidate for the US presidential Ben Carson rose for the first time before the billionaire Donald Trump nationwide in a survey of Republicans voting intentions published Tuesday.

Ben Carson, neurosurgeon and newcomer to politics, only black candidate for the White House in 2016, is credited with 26% of voting intentions among Republican voters interviewed for the New York Times and CBS News television channel.

It happens for the first time at the national level before the real estate mogul Donald Trump, which rallied 22% of the vote. This advance remains within the margin of error of the survey, which is 6%.

Both are newcomers in politics and their wide lead over other candidates reflects the appetite of Republican voters for neophytes representatives breaking with the political establishment over 13 months of the 2016 elections.

Senator forties Florida, the son of Cuban immigrants, Marco Rubio arrives at the third place with only 8% of the vote, ahead of Jeb Bush, the brother and son of former presidents, ex aequo with 7% Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

The survey shows above all the indecision of voters, seven in ten Republicans having voted for a candidate who also said it was too early for them to be sure of their support. Only 28% said their choice was definitely made.

The survey, conducted by telephone with 575 Republicans who will vote primary between 20 and 25 October, was published on the eve of the third Republican debate that will pit the ten remaining candidates Wednesday.

Ben Carson spoke out Sunday for a near total ban on abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. It is also a strong supporter of carrying weapons.

It was already passed by Donald Trump at the end of last week in Iowa, monitored closely crucial state because that’s where will be held the first primary election in February.

Donald Trump responded on Twitter Tuesday, relaying a user statement denouncing the excessive attention given to this new survey face to those who give Donald Trump in mind.

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