Cartel of the essence: a motion to stay proceedings postponed

1168833The request for a stay of proceedings of Richard Bedard and Celine Bonin, accused the sidelines of gasoline cartel, will be heard in early November 2016.

While Gaetan Dumas judge of the Superior Court is expected to hear the petition on Monday at the courthouse in Sherbrooke, he had rather make the case management before reporting to the hearing on 1 and 2 November.

Like all those who were targeted in connection with this investigation the Competition Bureau of Canada, Céline Bonin and Richard Bedard, who were employees of Couche-Tard during the alleged facts, are charged with conspiracy to Price Fixing pump between 1 April 2005 and 29 May 2006 in the markets of Sherbrooke, Magog, Thetford Mines and Victoriaville.

In the request for stay of proceedings, lawyers Celine Bonin and Richard Bedard, Mr. Mark Paci and Mr. Louis Belleau, argue that the judgment of the Superior Court, upheld by the Court of Appeal, which led to a stay of proceedings against Couche-Tard applies to them.

The dispute concerned the repudiation of an agreement in January 2010 between the federal attorney for criminal prosecution and those of Alimentation Couche-Tard. Understanding where the defense had among other unveil his defense to the prosecution.

In this case, the judge determined that there was irreparable harm to fair trial.

In addition Bonin Bedard and folders, file Irving Oil is still before the court and that of Serge Parent was set for hearing in Montreal in January 2019.

Alongside these procedures at first instance, Linda and Richard Proulx Lagrandeur await the decision of the Court of Appeal in their cases related to gasoline cartel.

Linda Proulx of Petro-Canada’s road to Riviere-aux-Cerises in Orford, and Michel Lagrandeur, Shell of Sherbrooke in Magog, had tried before Francis Toth judge of the Superior Court Winter 2013 . They were fined $ 15,000.

The third defendant convicted in the case, the Irving Yves Gosselin representative will be heard in June by the Court of Appeal.

This is Mr. Louis Champagne representing the federal Crown in the gasoline cartel case.

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