Case Khuong : the C. A. of the law society continues its reflection

lu-chan-khuongThe Board of directors of the Quebec Bar continuing its reflection on the future of the bâtonnière suspended Lu Chan Khuong.

Meeting today for the first time since the extraordinary general meeting of last Monday, the members of the Board of directors of the Bar discussed the resolutions passed at this meeting, asking them in particular to re-enter the bâtonnière. The board of directors is not legally bound to comply with the outcome of these resolutions. “The members of the board of directors wish to continue their exchanges and their reflection at an upcoming special meeting which will be held soon,” said France Bonneau, director of communications of the Bar. The meeting held today by the board was scheduled for months, and the recommendations of the extraordinary general meeting have been added to the agenda.

Last Monday, some 1,000 lawyers present at an extraordinary general meeting reiterated to 68.5% their trust in Me Khuong, suspended by the board of directors on the 1st of July in the wake of the revelations of The Press to the fact that I Khuong has been the subject of a complaint to the police for shoplifting in 2014 and that this complaint has given rise to the opening of a folder that is not legal by the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions. I Khuong pleads an error of inattention and denies having committed a shoplifting.

I Khuong also asks the court to order his reinstatement as bâtonnière of Quebec. She requested a safeguard order, a request which was opposed by the Board of directors of the Bar. The two parties have pleaded their cause before the superior Court last week, and the judge took the case under advisement.

The Barreau du Québec is the professional association of approximately 24 000 lawyers. About 1000 of them moved last Monday in Laval for this extraordinary general meeting is requested by a group of a hundred lawyers, a first in the 150 years of the institution.

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