Caution for motorists

1111262The caution for motorists traveling on the roads of Quebec while the rains last night make the toughest road conditions.

According to Environment Canada, the regions located south of the axis between the Ottawa Valley and the Bas-Saint-Laurent generally receive 10 to 15 centimeters of snow by Sunday evening. In towns along the Appalachians, the white carpet will be even thicker.

Once Quebecers have finished shoveling or deglaze their entry, they will have very little time to catch their breath as precipitation will resume early in the day on Tuesday and they will continue until the next morning.

In the meantime, almost all of southern Quebec will be treated to a volley of 15-30 centimeters of snow.

In addition, the wind will be the portion of the St. Lawrence Valley, which will most likely generated blowing snow.

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