CEGEPs: increase of about 5% for teachers

table-centrale-enseignants-cegep-obtenu(Quebec) The 20,000 CEGEP teachers will receive a salary increase of about 5% on average, a gain snatched at the central table of negotiation, La Presse has learned. They earn the ranks compared to teachers of primary and secondary school because their job was reassessed.

This gain contributed to the conclusion on Sunday of a sectoral agreement in principle between Quebec and the Alliance of professors and college teachers, which includes unions affiliated to the CSN (FNEEQ-CSN) and the CSQ (FEC -CSQ). This agreement relates to working conditions, not wages, an issue discussed at the central table.

But at this table, CEGEP teachers were offered a significant concession by the Treasury as part of salary relativity. Remember that this exercise is intended to correct inconsistencies in the salary scales.

CEGEP teachers are particularly affected by this exercise. For as their job class is mixed, it had not been evaluated in the context of pay equity, which aimed to compare job classes predominantly female and male. So we evaluated the work CEGEP teacher according to criteria such as effort, skill, responsibility and working conditions. This assessment allows us to situate a type of employment among 28 “storage”. More employment is classified as a high storage, plus his salary is important.

The Treasury would keep the college teachers to the same “storage” at present: storing 22, where also find themselves teachers of primary and secondary. He gave them 25 of the 550 million he wanted to pay in terms of salary relativity in 2019.

But Sunday, the government finally agreed to classify the CEGEP teachers in storage 23, confirmed to La Presse FNEEQ-CSN yesterday.

Result: CEGEP teachers will receive a salary increase of about 5% on average. This is the gap that exists at present between the storage 22 and 23. However, it is possible that there is a change because work continues at the central table on the entire wage structure government, said the vice president of the FNEEQ-CSN, Nicole Lefebvre. As a precaution, she would not confirm the 5% increase another source of his union proceeded with certainty.

CEGEP teachers will get certainly more than 25 million on the table by the Treasury initially. Five percent of their total payroll of $ 1.2 billion, this represents 60 million. CEGEP teacher earns $ 66,000 on average.

“How long you want to have the storage 23. We mobilized our members to recognize that CEGEP teachers are teachers in higher education. It was a major issue for us, “said Nicole Lefebvre.

The increase of approximately 5% would be added to the overall wage increases are 3% in five years according to the government’s offer. Quebec, however, indicated that it has a flexibility to offer more.

The government’s offer provided for the payment of amounts related to the salary relativity in 2019 alone, the last year of the next collective agreements. Discussions are underway at the central table about this schedule. Thirties mixed job classes that have not been evaluated in the past, such as college professors, could receive their due faster than in 2019. “The question is the game” at the central table, said Nicole Lefebvre.

Quebec moves on retirement

There is also movement at the central table on retirement. The government Couillard brings to 61 years instead of 62 as the minimum age to retire without actuarial penalty, reports that the Union of Professionals of the Government of Quebec (SPGQ) circulates among its members. It also repels the 2019 regime change.

Also according to information from the SPGQ, Quebec is now happy to pass the actuarial penalty of 4% to 5%. He wanted to 7.2% initially.

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