Celebrations of the new-France: Petit Champlain traders worried

fetes-nouvelle-france-pourraient-quitter(Quebec) The announcement that the organization of the Festival of New France was looking for a new site for next year because of work at the Paris startled several traders Petit Champlain, not wishing to see the annual event go elsewhere.

“We have already lost the Red Bull Crashed Ice, should not also lose the holidays of New France!” Said Sun Priscilla Herrera, manager of the restaurant Le Cochon Dingue. “The holidays bring us many customers. We even broke our sales record this year, “she continues.

“Ideal location”

Many are also wondering how it would be possible to hold such an event at another location. “Here, this is the ideal location. This is a UNESCO monument! Exit Petit Champlain, this would be like taking a movie, but we took away the decorations, “illustrates Sylvie Asselin, Advisor to the store Le Blanc Mouton.

“In addition, this year, business has been very good over the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France. And we’re not just traders, we also participate in the festival, “she adds.

Same story on the side of the shop of crafts, where Francine and Naomie were busy responding to customers. “We are in the cradle of New France, it’s a very strong symbol. I do not see where they could take it, “says Francine.

Impact on business

An employee of another business who preferred anonymity for its part reported that the influx of tourists brought by the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France had a major impact on business. “The turnover has halved today, when the holidays are over. I hope it will continue to exist here. This is very important for goodwill. ”

At the restaurant La Pizz, the manager is very friendly Elijah Dedes people holiday of New France, but admits that a possible move of the festivities to another site would probably not affect his business.

“For us, from 1 July to 31 December, it’s always the same. We refuse the world every day, so we simply refuses more during the holidays of New France. The only change is that we do not take reservations during the holidays because it would not be manageable, “he concluded, adding that he does not want the start of activities.

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