Celine Dion to La Bolduc back to Saguenay

diffusion-saguenayAfter five years of absence, De Dion to La Bolduc will return this summer Saguenay. Theatre Palace Arvida is still closed, the production moves to Quebec Issime theater Chicoutimi National Bank for the summer season.

After Saint-Sauveur (2012) and Trois-Rivières (2013 to 2014) and a 2015 season that did not happen, De Dion to La Bolduc returns home.

A collaboration between Diffusion Saguenay Promotion Saguenay and Quebec Issime made possible the installation of production at TBN.

“The show will be presented to TBN during the closing of Arvida Palace Theatre. I insist, the Palace is the home of Québec Issime, but we’re always looking for funding for the work. When the Palace will reopen course Quebec Issime returning. I hope it will be in 2017, “said Pierre Mazurette, President of Diffusion Saguenay, confirming the sudden absence of the Cabaret of humor for the summer season. “Allowing Quebec Issime to be region appeared as an opportunity,” he said.

The news brought joy to Robert Dore, producer of the show.

“For us, this is our home. It is here that is born. Back in Saguenay, it is heartwarming. That’s a lot of pride, a lot of emotion, “he said.

In the last performance of Celine Dion to La Bolduc Saguenay dates back to the summer of 2011. Since then, the show has been presented elsewhere in Quebec.

“All our productions are walking in Quebec. They experience a success. We invite people everywhere to come see the show here and they will be there this summer, “believes Robert Dore. “Buses leave from everywhere to come and see Party in winter. It will be easy enough to come and see From Celine Dion to La Bolduc in summer. ”

St. Jacques Church

Last summer, a series of performances was announced at St. Jacques Church. However, the team had to cancel due to storage hardships resulting from the use of the church in which is stored the equipment of the troops.

From Celine Dion to La Bolduc artists come up so on the stage of Théâtre National Bank for 16 performances, from 27 July to 20 August. The show will be performed four times a week, from Wednesday to Saturday.

Many of the artists who will be on stage are part of Quebec Issime for years, others are members of the troupe for a year or two. “There will be 162 years of experience in Quebec Issime on stage. It is saying, “said Pierre Doré, artistic director of the show. “We have a very strong distribution that has the taste to go on stage and help share our rich Quebec music.”

The show Quebec Issime was presented at the Auditorium Dufour few times in 1995.

“The duration of our shows we can work with three generations of singers, musicians and dancers,” added Robert Doré, highlighting the presence of Anne Tremblay, daughter Karine Riverin, in the distribution.

Tickets for De Dion to La Bolduc are currently on sale via the ticket Theatre National Bank, by phone at 418 698-4080 or via the www.diffusion.saguenay.ca

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