Cellulosic filaments: Resolved plans to invest $ 25 million

comme-celle-produite-usineSolved the paper carries out technical analyzes to make an investment of approximately $ 25 million in one of three paper mills in the region that will allow it to position itself for the market for cellulosic filament, a new by-product of wood used in an impressive range of fiber replacement products from petroleum products.

The spokesman Resolved, Karl Blackburn, told the Daily that the project was feasible in the near future. The timelines are not yet arrested, but spokesman talking in terms of months since the technology is now developed.

Resolved, as Kruger, has the necessary permissions to move to industrial production of cellulosic filaments. “We worked together with FP Innovation for the development of technology. It is a matter of months for well technically evaluate facilities in our factories to choose the place that offers the best features. ”

Cellulosic ligaments are a real development for wood products. The filaments are already employed in the production of fine papers and tissue papers, some components for the aerospace industry and building materials.

“They are used in concrete to reinforce the structures. These are filaments that make it more solid concrete. It is a product of the future and we want to position ourselves. There is room in our factories in the region to successfully install the equipment. It takes refiners and energy for the production of this material, “said President and CEO, Richard Garneau, alongside the Saguenay Press Club.

Mr. Garneau added that Resolute had two objectives in this project which will be officially conducted in one of the mills in the region. Resolved intends to position itself as a major producer for the emerging market of this new fiber. This positioning should together enable the paper to sell part of Kraft pulp production in Saint-Félicien, giving it a good value.

The manufacturing process of the cellulosic fiber or cellulosic filaments is relatively simple. It is used kraft pulp that is produced at the Saint-Félicien with a chemical treatment of the chips. Kraft pulp is thereafter subjected to a physical treatment with the high-pressure refiner use.

Resolute has refining capacity at its three mills in the region. Kénogami, Alma and Dolbeau have plans modern thermomechanical pulps that have good ability. With the closure of paper machines in these three plants, the company has an unused refining capacity.

“We’re not talking about the creation of hundreds of jobs. But it helps to consolidate our operations and position ourselves for the market. Technical analyzes are not completed and we can currently identify the site chosen as the production capacity to be installed first. ”

The challenges of paper for this new market come down to the ability to access markets. There is this side glaring as to campaigns by Greenpeace to customers and users of products from the boreal forest as the kraft pulp mill in Saint-Félicien. The paper must also measure the predictability of its long-term forest supplies. The first phase of industrial production of cellulosic filaments project is itself practically confirmed.

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