Centennial: Sevigny sees little future in middle room

-categorique-projet-salleCouncillor and Chair of the Committee of Culture Pierre Tardif asked the City of Sherbrooke to assess the possibility of hosting the planned intermediate broadcast room downtown at Centennial Theatre. Sherbrooke Mayor Bernard Sevigny, does not exclude this possibility but leaves hardly a reasonable doubt.

“I’m sure it does not fit 100%, but we must look at the opportunity before,” said Mr. Tardif. “I want the City do its job and we come back with the possibilities. ”

“We can not help but think retorted Bernard Sévigny. But the intermediate room is designed for youth, with a central stage,

and it satisfied the objective of revitalizing the city center. “Nevertheless, the Executive Committee will review the proposal.

“The new hall is part of the cultural policy of the City. It would be adjacent to the Centre for Performing Arts Jean-Besré. There are other objectives than just fill an empty room. I’m not saying that you should not think about it, but this possibility has probably been analyzed when we did the tour venues and we have identified a need room for youth. The game plan is not changed. ”

Bernard Sévigny is categorical. Intermediate hall project remains on track. “Where the mayor wants to invest in the coming years, it is in the center. There is a portion of the South Wellington dying for years. We will see what will happen in the coming weeks, but we continue to work on the project. ”

The intermediate viewing room is a project of about $ 8 million led by Side Scene, which has yet to complete a portion of the funding. A reply is still awaited from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) for recurrent operating budget. “Everywhere else, CALQ absorbs the costs. We try to find the formula for everyone to be comfortable. We do not want the City to be the fall guy and be the first to bear these costs. ”

Mayor Sévigny has also expressed disappointment at the end of the professional program at Centennial. “We understand that this is a decision of CA Is there a signal to the authorities there? ”

No permanent help

The City, however, was firm: it offered a one-time financial assistance last year, but this contribution would not become permanent. If it has been kept informed of developments in the case, the City has not received new funding request from Bishop’s University.

In the eyes of the CEO Scene Side, Lilie Bergeron, it is premature to move forward on the issue of partnership with Centennial, particularly because the matter is very complex.

She noted that the first term of Bishop’s is education. “We’re within an institution must meet specific requirements … To be a specialized distributor to Children and Youth, we must have full control over our programming. Imagine if within a structure where the first term is education, “she argues.

“I am sad to see that fact amalgams while the loss they suffered is very serious,” says Bergeron, adding that the institution has to see “the greatest dancers of Quebec” and has allowed raise the cultural offer.

“Luce Couture (Centennial’s CEO) had the audacity to schedule things not seen elsewhere. ”

Due to its financial position, Bishop’s announced that it was terminating the professional programming of the Centennial Theatre in 2016-2017. Vice-Principal Academic Miles Turnbull (not Mike as we wrote Tuesday) said the institution had failed to obtain necessary outside financing, about $ 150,000. Recall that the 2015-2016 season was saved in extremis, thanks to a rescue plan which was attended notably the City of Sherbrooke.

In the eyes of the president of the Council for Culture in the Eastern Townships (CEC), Sylvie L. Bergeron, the disappearance of professional programming at Centennial raises many questions. Are there too many rooms in Sherbrooke? Are they too big? She starts while saying advocate a great cultural offer. “The more one is confronted with the culture, the more it will develop its cultural sense …” She also wondered about greater cooperation between broadcasters, for example by pooling services.

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