Centraide Estrie begins the quarantine large

show-entraide-2016To celebrate its grand 40 years of existence, the United Estrie brought together a variety of artists who come on stage at the Granada Theatre in the Show of assistance that stood Wednesday night.

“The verb to love, give the verb, the verb share are all verbs that unite us tonight. What you give is yours for always “summed Claire Pelletier in introducing a performance that knocked the wind in public.

For the occasion, Vincent Gratton, spokesman and host of the event, prepared a varied program. The crowd was treated to an eclectic mix of numbers a dozen well-known artists.

Through poignant performance of Marc Hervieux and Valérie Lahaie, there were among other wacky anecdotes of Jean-Michel Anctil and Philippe Laprise.

Awareness campaign

There were very few empty seats in the hall, both on the lawn at the Granada Theatre balcony. This massive participation can be attributed in part to the efforts of United Way staff who wanted to recast the classic formula of the benefit show.

“The event’s goal was not necessarily to raise as much money as possible, but rather to inform the United Way and its mission. Few people know that is assisting 68 organizations in Estrie. This is why we have invested heavily in promoting the show, which is rare for an event of the kind. We want to grow the awareness and sense of belonging to the United Way, “said Suzie Hamel who was responsible for the artistic direction of the evening.

Annually, 60,000 people benefit from the funds raised by Centraide Estrie which amounted to 1.58 million dollars last year.

“To increase the visibility of the organization, we turned to sports and culture. We partnered with the Vert & Or and Sherbrooke Phoenix among others. The cultural component is tonight. All artists have agreed to appear on stage volunteer and public response was excellent, “says Éric Loubier, co-chair of the 2015 United Way campaign.

Centraide Estrie took advantage of the evening to put new price to businesses and individuals in order to highlight their involvement with the organization. Event organizers expect to repeat the formula in the future, but exclude the possibility to make an annual event.

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